The Nexus Excel
"My first orgasm with the Nexus Excel was an earth shaker and quite a bit of a surprise for me; ecause it's been years since I've been able to shoot my load over my head when I came." -

Not all prostates were made the same. What works for mine doesn't always work for others, however, from all the customer comments I've read about the Excel it seems we share a common theme; we like it. In fact, a majority of us love it.

What's not to love? It's made out of phthalates-free plastic. It's also hygienic and while it's also nonporous, it shouldn't be shared between partners without the use of condoms. Condoms keep everyone safe and while hard plastic really isn't a material that will allow bacteria to penetrate its surface, it's better to be safe than sorry.

The Excel offers a rather interesting design compared to other anal toys. With a bulbous head atop a bubbled shaft, it's a concoction of curls, cylinders, and spherical shapes.

An interesting note about the Excel is that its sides are flat. This helps to make insertion a little easier, however, it's still quite big and the first time prostate user may find the 1.75" diameter too large. I'm certainly not a beginner but I'm also not an advanced anal player and I found it pretty big. The odd bubbled shapes on the shaft were awkward and made insertion that much harder. Even with a lot of lube (water-based and silicone are safe to use) this was one of the harder toys I've ever put inside my anus, and not just because it's hard plastic.

Once it was inside, I had to focus on deep breathing and relaxation and because at first, my body wanted to do nothing other than expel it from my body. Once I was loosened up a bit (no pun intended) I welcomed pleasing sensations and orgasmic potential that came forth. This toy felt absolutely incredible, even when I wasn't moving, a feat mastered by few prostate toys.

The directions recommended rocking back and forth, allowing "the handle of the Excel to transfer pressure to the prostate-perineum area", supposedly, this movement will bring on spontaneous orgasm that is hands-free, however, I had to subject myself to to penile stimulation. And I'm not complaining about having to jerk my cock in the least! But it would have been nice to cum without having to touch my dick. I'll keep trying but outlook looks doubtful.

The S-shaped handle of the Excel offers a rollerball that is intended to sit below the scrotum at the perineum, this stainless steel ball applies pressure wherever it's pushed against. The other part of the handle serves as a nodule that can be moved by you or your partner to stimulate the prostate. However, you should be extremely careful when moving it around as damage to the prostate can occur as it such a fragile part of the male body.

To clean the Excel first remove the steel rollerball with the provided extraction tool. The tool isn't neccessary as anything that is thin enough will slide into the hole to pop the ball out. Wash the toy down with soap and water or with an isopropyl alcohol solution. Unfortunately, hard plastic cannot be boiled so this is really one of the only negatives about this toy.

Average Joe Great Sex

"The Mozart of Prostate Massagers" 

The Nexus Excel was the first Nexus Male G Spot toy to hit the market and became an instant classic - the Mozart of prostate stimulators, so to speak. The elegant hard plastic stimulator may look intimidating, but with a "Best Product Design Award" from the Brussels Erotica Awards in 2006, it is one is nearly assured to deliver an unforgettable sexual crescendo. 

Before relaying my sexual symphony, I want to familiarize the audience with the instrument at hand. A prostate stimulator is meant to be inserted in to the anus where the tip presses against the prostate. With a little squeezing of the anal sphincter the nerves in the prostate are stimulated, resulting in extremely pleasurable results for many who attempt to play in this way. 

The Excel can be understood better if we break it down in to four primary components. The prostate stimulator tip, that is is the largest part of the toy is not unlike a misshapen egg and is the primary force stimulating the prostate itself. The second is the neck which aides penetration in that it provides relief as it narrows before it widens as it slides in. The third is the body that gives the user a very full, sturdy feeling in the anal canal. Finally, the flared base which curves gradually and becomes the handle. 

The handle consists of 2 parts. In the rear there is a convenient handle that makes inserting, removing, and positioning a snap. In the front you will find an innovative perineum stimulator with an embedded stainless steel ball bearing which plays an essential secondary partner. The perineum stimulator puts a focused amount of pressure on the perineum and massages this often-neglected part of the male anatomy. 

When experimenting with the Excel, silicone lubricant was used but, a water-based lube would certainly do the job as this toy isn't going to be sliding in and out. Since the toy is plastic, there's no need to worry about chemical reactions that may occur with lube. 

It is necessary to note that this toy is not for the beginner. The Excel is large with little bend or give. Intermediaries may want to warm-up with a familiar repertoire such as smaller anal plugs or dildos. The Excel is thick and will take some work to get in. With patience, dedication, and arousal, anal penetration yearnings will be quenched. Move at a manageable tempo when inserting the Excel. Take deep breaths to relax and don't be afraid to apply more lubricant. Masturbate gently and slowly while sliding the toy in. Keep the hormones pumping. The top of the head has a slight tip, which can be used to arouse the anus. Try rubbing it in circles, pressing it in, and then withdrawing it. This penetrative tease will warm the body up for the whole toy. 

Once the toy is in, the user is in store for a fantastic time. The toy will settle in just as it was intended. The top flare will rest right on the prostate. Although the Excel has no flexibility, it creates a delightful pressure that is constant but firm. The metal ball of the perineum stimulator rolls around to surprise the user with varying levels of pressure to engage multiple erogenous zones. One caution: those with a "steep" perineum may encounter challenges in placing the perineum stimulator, especially when aroused as the area is very firm. I found that when using this, the metal ball often rolled the perineum stimulator to my leg joint. This can be jolting. Use the handle to control where the taint stimulator rests and to create varying levels of pressure on both the prostate and the perineum. 

Experiment with a multitude of positions: On your back, the stimulator reacts to every external movement. Stand up with the stimulator in to pleasurably elicit some of your best posture. With each bodily shift, you'll discover a new sensation. 

Perhaps my favorite was kneeling on all fours while rocking my hips. This squeezed out more precum than I would have guessed. I tried using a masturbation sleeve with the Excel in and the experience was fantastic. It did bring me to the edge of orgasm very quickly and it took a lot of control to stop and calm down. 

When using this with a partner, be very vocal about when something is too much and when it's not enough. If your partner wants to masturbate you, let them know when the stimulator is getting you close and when they should back off. Edging with this toy makes for an explosive, exhausting orgasm. 

When you're done with this toy, you're going to feel worn out. The Excel brings out a lot of feelings, both physically and emotionally. When taking the toy out, move slowly. This will be tough if your prostate is over-stimulated. Relax and withdraw; don't just pop it out or you may cause discomfort. 

Cleaning the Excel is a snap - rinse it off with some soap and water. Boil it for extra sanitation. Remove the stainless steel ball with the tool provided if boiling or cleaning in the dishwasher. 

Anal players are in store for a masturbatory masterpiece with the Nexus Excel.

Sex is Fun

Let me preface by saying how fucking crazy awesome it is to be a dude who can get past the social taboo that it’s wrong to have your ass played with. Why leave so many nerve endings out of life’s sexual adventures? I mean, once you toss religion out, there’s no logical reason to ignore that region of the body. Okay, maybe it’s “dirty.” But, what isn’t a little grimy when it comes to sex? I thought it was part of the fun… and now that you’re somewhat turned off, I’ll focus on the task at hand. 

Much like most of my sexual experiments, I beta tested the Nexus Excel solo. I like to make sure I’m comfortable with the sensation before I subject my partner to it in some way. I mean, you gotta make sure the Nuke is worth firing before agreeing to turn the launch key with your co-commander. Am I right? No idea, but it works for me and that’s what counts Goddammit. 

Right off the bat, I could tell that the texture of the Excel was “economy grade.” It wasn’t bad though. Just kind of the DiGiorno pizza of sex toys. Delicious, but not quite delivery. It’s a bit on the uncomfortably plastic-y side going in, but once the curved tip makes its way to its final destination (the prostate), it’s quite the experience. There’s a slightly uneasy pressure there at first, but once the focus becomes phallic, the muscles transform the sensation into a positive one.

But the best part is saved for last (as usual)… when cumming. This thing triggers a very alternative sensation to the usual orgasm. With each spasm, there’s a wild kind of resistance. The religious would call this an “unnatural” feeling, but it could be described more objectively as the pleasure experienced when associating anal stimulation with an ejaculation. Needless to say, I enjoyed myself and there were no injuries. I recommend the Nexus Excel Male G-Spot Massager, but would like to give some of the (softer – easier on the insides) higher end models a try.

Life On the Swingset

It’s not everyday that you come home to a package sent from THE Mistress Arabella, so you can imagine my surprise after a hard day’s work and work out to come home to a 8.5” x 11” x 6” box filled with awesome goodies.

Goodbye exhaustion! Hello excitement, curiosity, and soon-to-be pleasure!

I’m not new to using social media, as I am the Social Media Manager for a small company. I’ve helped Mistress Arabella, as well as Gelsey Blaque with reviews and blog posts from time-to-time. 

That said, however, I’m very new to reviewing toys by myself. So bear with me as I delve into my first review... ever!

I was a bit excited when I ripped into the clear plastic box containing the Nexus Excel G-Spot Massager. Holding it in my hand, my mind drifted toward what kind of pleasurable adventures I could have. Of course, my mind also drifted toward an alien handgun (see below), but that’s another story for another day.

The package contains the Excel G-Spot Massager by Nexus Range, a small piece that pushes the stainless steel metal ball bearing out, and a small, foldable instruction manual. The massager is made of smooth, dense medical-grade plastic. [Editor's Note: The Excel is hypo-allergenic, phthalate-free and completely waterproof. The shaft measures just under 4 inches long, and it has a circumference of 1.57 inches at its widest point.] By no means is it made of silicone, so those of you who like using silicone lube, this is a great toy for you! (If you’re into water-based lube, not a problem at all there, either.)

Gripping it in my hand, I definitely could feel that this toy had heft to it. It is beautifully designed and crafted and definitely high-quality; the toy feels smooth all around with a slight matte feel from the playful (yes, playful!) shaft to the perenium massager (more on that in a bit) and to the handle. After that brief inspection, I wanted to see what it would be like to clean it.

Using the small plastic piece mentioned previously, I popped the small stainless steel ball bearing out and washed the toy, as well as the bearing, with warm water and a mild soap (I didn’t have toy cleaner at the time, but that could have been used as well). I popped the ball back in, and it was time for some action!

I spent around 15 minutes warming myself up and getting my muscles to relax. I used one… alright, two fingers to get my anal muscles warmed-up. After some breathing exercises, I reached in my drawer for some water-based lube and applied it to the Excel. Once it slipped inside, it was a matter of maneuvering to massage my prostate just right. Oh… and it did! I found that the ridges of the Excel know how to massage, caress, and with practice, tease my prostate with expert precision.

The icing on the cake for me was the stainless steel ball bearing. When pushed in correctly, the bearing presses up against your perineum. Now, my mistake with the metal ball was not warming it up beforehand. So as soon as I felt the cold steel against my perineum, I tensed up a bit. Well, maybe not such a mistake since it made my anal muscles squeeze and force the Excel to massage my prostate even more! The ball bearing functions via massaging the perineum by rolling against it as you continue to use the Excel.

To say that I came hard from using the Excel is a total understatement! I climaxed twice in using this toy only once! I had lots to clean up (my load shot almost everywhere!), but I am thoroughly pleased with how the Excel played back.

As you can see from my photos, the Excel comes in luxurious black (a favorite shade of mine). It is also available in a handful of other colors, including white, a dusky, opaque purple, and a brightly-colored red. My only minor gripe is that the Excel does not have a means for storage as most higher-end sex toys do. I somewhat expected a matching black mesh bag to be in the toy package, but shrugged when I didn’t find one. (Of course, this is easy to remedy on your own, just something to be aware of.)

As someone who is new to using toys but not new to anal play, I’d recommend this toy for learning about and exploring your Prostate health. It could add a degree of intimacy when used by your partner, as the Nexus Excel is an excellent toy to play with. 

Deceptively yours,


Bomshells and Rockstars

Ken & Denise

Denise: “The Excel is the third Nexus product the Review Crew has reviewed so far.” 

Ken: “The Excel has this fantastic shape; is made of phthalate-free hard plastic; and it comes in three colors. We have the black one. I have to say that I am partial to silicone toys; there’s a warmth to them that hard plastic doesn’t have. Silicone toys also have a ‘give’ to them that the Excel surely doesn’t have. But now that I’ve tried both, I can say that the hard plastic, Excel has a charm all its own.”

Denise: “I totally agree. In fact, I was surprised to discover that it was hard plastic and not silicone. It sure looks like silicone through its clear plastic minimal packaging. There is one obvious benefit to hard plastic over silicone; you can use whatever line of lube you prefer, even a silicone-based lube. You can’t do that with a fine silicone toy. And because the hard plastic Excel is nonporous and waterproof, it is easy to clean and sanitize too. This makes it the perfect toy to share.”

Ken: “Absolutely! Also, because you can sanitize it you can use it both anally and vaginally. Of course, never go from one hole to the other without sanitizing it. Denise thinks it rocks as a G-spot massager.”

Denise: “True! But here’s the thing; the Excel package says it’s a G-spot massager, but it also says that the unique stainless steel rollerball stimulator massages the perineum. There’s no way the rollerball comes anywhere close to my perineum when I’m stimulating my G-spot.”

Ken: “Yeah, I was confused by that too. Then we discovered that Nexus uses the term G-spot interchangeably with the P-spot, which is really your prostate. I don’t get it, but maybe I’m missing something.”

Denise: “It’s got to be confusing for many more people than us, right?”

Ken: “If you are new to ass play, you’ll want to keep in mind that you need a lot of lube for any insertions. And you should also know that the Excel is probably not for the anal novice. It’s very light, but pretty girthy. But if you have some practice with anal toys this baby will fill you up. The shaft is just under 4” long, and it has a circumference of 1.57” at its widest point.”

Denise: “The unusual shape of the Excel allows you to wear it like a butt plug. Your ass sphincter closes down on the last ridge of the shaft, which keeps it in place. You should know that this thing doesn’t vibrate or anything like that, so there are no batteries to run down. Rather it massages your P-spot (if you’re a guy) by rocking on it, or walking around with it in place.”

Ken: “Denise mentioned the rollerball stimulator. Well this thing pops out of its hard plastic nest for cleaning purposes. The Excel comes with this little tool to do just that. You can drop the two pieces, rollerball and hard plastic everything else into a pot of boiling water to sanitize. Or if you’re real lazy like us, you can simply add it to the dishwasher.”

Denise: “My advice is to warm up your ass before using any toy. We like to relax our sphincter muscles with our fingers, before toy insertion. This also keeps me in touch, nu pun intended with my ass, which is a good thing.”

Ken: “And I’d like to add that the Excel is as much for prostate health as it is for prostate pleasure.”

Denise: “But remember it’s just as fun and healthful for those of us without a prostate.”

Ken: “And guys, you’ll discover that prostate stimulation will increase the load you shoot. It sure does mine. And wearing the Excel I can practice my kegel exercises too. Toning my pelvic muscles makes me shoot my load farther and with more vigor, like when I was a teenager. I love it.”

Denise: “We both highly recommend this product.”

Dr Dick ‘s Sex Advice

Nexus Excel P-Spot Massager October 18, 2011 say this in most male sex toy reviews I write, but it bears repeating. Male anal toys are very personal and what works for one guy may not work for another. The wide range of male anal sex toys available from Nexus means that despite of this fact there is one to suit everyone and the Nexus Excel definitely suits me. It’s made from ABS plastic and fitted with what is almost the signature feature of a chromed metal ball positioned on an arm to massage your perineum. Facing the opposite way is another arm which sits between your buttocks and allows you to control the orientation of the anal toy with your bum cheeks! But the part of the toy that you are all wanting to hear about is the insertable section. Well unusually for a rigid anal sex toy I love this particular design. I’m usually one for a slightly flexible insertable shaft, they tend to be more comfortable and are able to please a wider variety of internal anatomies. The design of the Nexus Excel Prostate Massager is perfect for me in all sorts of ways ;-) The texture of this toy makes it great for holding lubricant, and when it comes to anal insertion lube is key, LOL. The shape is nicely contoured to fit inside your ass and because it isn’t huge will easily slip inside with an appropriate anal lube and a little relaxation. When it does drop in to place and your ass draws it inside, closing around the thin neck of the toy you feel very specific pressure on your prostate and the two arms resting against your skin on the outside. I have to say that in common with the other toys in the Nexus range I do not find the roller ball hugely stimulating, the pressure it provides against my perineum is nice but not earth shattering. Oh, for those of you that aren’t familiar with Nexus toys they come with a plastic tool to pop out this metal ball so you can thoroughly clean it before and after use. The ball just snaps back in after cleaning and you’re ready to play. So what is play like? Well, bloody brilliant. I like most of the Nexus toys with the exception of the ones that are a bit too big for me – eek! Each one has its own characteristics and while they are all different this is currently my favourite because I found that through use of the muscles in my anus and rectum I could massage my own prostate without the use of my hands. So much in fact that within a minute I was oozing precum and my hands could be busy with other things. Being able to masturbate whilst massaging your prostate in such a controlled way while your hands are occupied with the important job of masturbation is something that could become addictive hehehe. Even your opening of your ass feels the gentle rubbing of the gently dimpled surface as you squeeze and release the shaft of the Nexus Excel and it glides in and out. You can tell I liked this can’t you. As with all good anal sex toys the extra sensation at climax is difficult to describe adequately in words. Perhaps it’s better if you experience the rush yourself? This is a great small to medium sized anal sex toy for guys. It’s not too big and because of that allows you to control the pleasure you derive from it in a way that in my experience of anal sex toys is unparalleled. There are bigger toys, more intensely stimulating sex toys, but when it comes to hands-free use (which let’s face it is what you want from an anal toy once it is inserted) this one is fantastic.

Sex Toys Buzz

The Nexus Glide
"Needless to say I had a leg-quivering orgasm and have named my Nexus Glide Orlando (Bloom). I’m sad I didn’t find this treasure sooner, definitely a great toy for anyone interested in anal, beginner and expert alike!" - The Inqueery

“The Nexus Glide is great for those who like to take things slow and easy and gradually build up to climax.” 

I've not really had a chance to review butt plugs here before. When it comes to sex toys for boys, the choice is more restrictive for men than women I think. You've essentially got a choice between masturbators, cock rings and anal toys. I've reviewed products from the first two before but now have the chance to review a few prostate massagers from Nexus. 

Nexus (care of pleasure2me) have been kind enough to send my over a few treats to test out so over the next few days I've got some reviews to publish. The first is the Nexus Glide, a male g-spot massager. The Nexus Glide comes in a plastic case, decorated in black and shades of aqua. It looks great and inviting, showcasing the prostate massager in the centre. 

On the reverse of the package, you'll find a list of features the Nexus Glide has to offer. 

Once opened, the paper insert can be removed which then unfolds to reveal a few tips on how to get the most from your Glide. Inside the box you'll find your Nexus Glide as well as a tool for removing the ball bearing for cleaning (more on that later). 

The Nexus Glide is a sold prostate massager made from medical grade polypropylene. It's not soft, or covered in a soft texture which you may think is a disadvantage but is a godsend when it comes to clean up. 

The Glide comes in the classical shape with three prongs (if you will); the first goes in your anus, the second (with the silver ball) rubs against your perineum and the third is a handle to make using the Glide much easier. 

The toy comes in a variety of colours including purple, black, white, orange and red. I'm testing the purple one - not that it makes the slight bit of difference! 

Before you start, pop out the stainless steel ball bearing and wash the toy in warm soapy water. Once dry, push the roller ball back into the toy. It's also worthwhile using an anal douche to clean your bum before using an anal sex toy. 

The first thing to notice is the size. The insertable length measures 10cm which is a good size and the width is around 3cm at the widest point. I thought it wouldn't do much when I first looked at it but it's surprising how 3 tiny centimetres feels like a lot! 

It takes time to insert a well-lubed prostate massager and you need to relax to let your anus swallow the toy. Your sphincter muscle tightens as you tense up making it difficult to move your Glide, hence the reason why you need to relax. 

When sliding in your Glide, make sure the silver roller ball is positioned underneath the scrotum. 

Following the supplied instructions, you should spend the next 15 minutes relaxing once the Glide is fully inserted. This lets your anus adjust to the sex toy and will make pleasure much more fun. It's tough waiting this long but there was a noticeable improvement on the pleasure scale once I had done this. Being an eager beaver, I skipped the step the first time and whilst it felt good, I felt slightly uncomfortable compared to leaving 15 minutes between insertion and playing. 

Once ready, it's time to play. I felt it most comfortable lying on the bed.The general technique is to rock up and down so that the roller ball presses against your perineum. The shaft of the massager than rubs the roof of your anal canal, rubbing against your prostate as you do this. The more you rock up and down, the more excited you should become. 

It's unlikely that you would ejaculate simply by using the Glide alone so you may want to masturbate. You want to use one hand to masturbate and the other (possibly, depending upon your technique and firmness of matress) to rock the Nexus Glide up and down. As you feel yourself getting closer to the point of no return, try stopping masturbating but continue to rock the massager. With any luck you should be able to use the prostate massager to create a brilliant orgasm. 

For me, it took a few goes to perfect the movement technique. I tried kneeling whilst using the toy and found that created different sensations than when I lay on my back. So too did standing up. I haven't been able to use the massager to push me over the edge yet but that just takes practise! 


Who Is It For? 

This product has been designed with men in mind but there's no reason why a woman cannot use it. Sure, it probably won't have the same effect but it makes for a very good alternative to a butt plug. 

It's size means it's great for beginners as well as those used to anal play. 

It should be noted that the Nexus Glide is compatible with the iStim range from Nexus meaning you can turn your humble Nexus Glide into an electrosex toy. 

The Positives

  • Solid build quality
  • Water-based and silicone lubricant friendly
  • Great for beginners and experts

The Negatives

  • Lack of vibrations so relied on it being moved around to get a mixture of sensations

Is It Worth Buying? 

If you're looking at buying a butt plug, consider this as an alternative. Its base means it is safe for anal usage and its shape, texture and design all leads to a lot of fun. 

The Nexus Glide is great for those who like to take things slow and easy and gradually build up to climax. 

Sex Toy Sofa

"4/5 Stars" 

Sex toy manufacturer Nexus has made quite the name for themselves. Based out of the UK their products are something of an unknown here in the States, but that's about to change. Recently they've released a series of Male G-Spot toys in an effort to broaden the pleasure men feel by themselves, or during intercourse. Today we're looking at the Nexus Glide. 

The Glide is an aggressively designed prostate massager similar to the Aneros, though arguably you'll take less of a hit in the wallet with the Nexus variety. The toy is black in color and made of a hard, medical-grade plastic. The main body is flare to prevent the toy from slipping out (or in), the tip has a rounded prostate point, there's a roller ball that presses against the perineum, and a handle for easy operation. 

The back of the packaging describes it as such: 

"The Glide was developed in conjunction with the UK's Sex Worker of the Year, exclusively created for men who wish to begin exploring the sensations of anal play. Its size and shape means that the Glide is a satisfying all-rounder for those who are new to the joy of prostate massage as well as those who are more experienced players, making it the best selling toy of the Nexus family. 

The Glide has a stainless steel ball-bearing which teases the perineum point in addition to hitting the male G-Spot, bringing the user to the strongest and most intense orgasm a man can achieve." 

Those are strong statements, I assure you, but does the toy really live up to the promise? 

For starters the toy feels almost a little too hard at first. There's no give to it whatsoever, and the best thing I can advise is that you use plenty of lube and take your time. Once the toy slips into place you should find a position where it feels right, which for me was on my side or stomach. Once you're ready to go just take your time and breath. Prostate play isn't for everyone and in my case the Glide took a while to be effective. 

While the toy alone wasn't enough to produce results, I dare say that the climax as far more powerful than normal and the road to that finish was much more enjoyable. Despite the hard nature of the product once you're familiar with the design and application of the toy it's easy to achieve strongest, more satisfying orgasms because of it. I don't see this being an every time kind of treat, but as a once in a while thing the Glide certainly packs a unique punch. 

If you're in the market for a prostate massager and don't quite know where to begin, give the Nexus Glide a shot. It's a solid alternative to the Aneros and costs around $40 depending where you shop.


Gosh it has been a while since I’ve shared a review with y’all! Sorry about that, life has been screwing me left and right, and not in the good way! But I am a hard as nails hooker and have been dealing with it like the hustler I am. Sadly, I made the mistake that a lot of people do when they get busy and stressed — I stopped fucking myself! Shame on me. Well that all ends now, because the lovely people over at Nexus have come to my anal-rescue with a care package for my fanny. One of the gems they sent me was the Nexus Glide. Does the Glide have what it takes to make my butt smile as it used to? Let’s find out! 

I have seen and heard about the Nexus line for a long time, however I’ve never had the pleasure of using any of their toys. Any funds I had usually went to the Aneros which had a pretty similar style, so I figured they’d probably feel the same. I was wrong! 

The Glide is made out of medical grade polypropylene (plastic), which is great because that means it’s non-porous and easy to clean! It also means I can use any lube I want, and so I whipped out my trusty Maximus. 

I started by adding lube to my soft beautiful hand-dildos (fingers) and rubbing at my hole. It’s grown much tighter since I’ve been experiencing a bit of the dry spell of anal neglect which some feel is good, but I hate it. I like my ass to be like my mouth when it spots a martini: wet and ready to take it all in one shot. 

After loosening my ass up thoroughly it was time to pop this cherry. I wriggled the Nexus Glide in carefully and found it very easy to insert despite my veritable butt-hymen. Once it was inserted all the way I felt it “lock” into place and my prostate said “Hello old friend!” It felt great! 

But the real pleasure from this guy came from manipulating and playing with the tail-like handle. Each subtle push, pull and wiggle of the handle massage my p-spot with direct firm joy. 

I got to the edge of the bed and thrusted my hips so that the handle would hit the edge of the mattress, and omg! It was like being fingerblasted in the best possible way! 

Another great feature is the metal rolling ball with targets the perineum. A lot of people have complained that the Aneros line’s thin, pokey plastic tip that massages the perineum hurts them, but this smooth rolling ball presses against your body with the same amount of pressure however will roll against your skin instead of digging into it. 

Needless to say I had a leg-quivering orgasm and have named my Nexus Glide Orlando (Bloom). 

I’m sad I didn’t find this treasure sooner, definitely a great toy for anyone interested in anal, beginner and expert alike! 

The Inqueery

I’m new to anal play and anal stimulation. I’m exactly the market that the Nexus Neo and Nexus Glide Male G-Spot Massagers are targeted for. 

Why hadn’t I tried anal play before? It never really occurred to me that it’d be pleasurable, or enhance erections, or produce a more intense and longer lasting orgasm. It just didn’t come into conscious thought. These are three things that the Nexus line of g-spot toys claim to be able to help with. 

First, a bit of advice for those who have never tried anal stimulation / massage before; do not try this with a partner until you know what you are doing. I tried with Tonia the first night I got the toy and it was an exercise in frustration. For about an hour and a half, part of the time I was able to relax but needed more lubricant, part of the time I felt a very intense expulsion feeling, part of the time everything just felt right but I couldn’t move the g-spot massager in anymore. This is something you should start with solo, and then move on to use with a partner. I’ve been using this for a month and I’m still “flying solo”, but have found I enjoy it. 

So I started out by using the Nexus Glide. Compared to the larger Neo, the glide is a little less tall, much less thick, and has a shorter perineum massage arm. Both massagers are made out of medical grade plastic which felt very sturdy and did not bend at all to pressure; it’s a solid device. The surface of the Glide and the Neo are sort of a brushed plastic, not slick, but just rough enough to still be able to hold even with lubricant. You’ll need to use a water based lubricant with these devices. 

The first thing I noticed on insertion was that the varying width of the device (wide at the top, a little thinner half an inch down, wide again about an inch and a half, then thinner again with three ridges near the base of the device) was a fantastic design decision. My being completely new meant the initial insertion was going to be a hurdle to get over no matter what, and admittedly it was. But after that I had the initial wide nub in, there was some instant relief, I didn’t have to maintain pressure for it to stay in, I could just relax and gauge how it felt. 

It took a while, and a couple of personal sessions, for me to insert the Glide in all the way comfortably, but once I did I had an instant, involuntary erection. The metal ball bearing on the perineum point massage arm felt predictably cool but that seemed to enhance my awareness of it being there. It was easy to apply pressure and have the device massage both inside an out, which again seemed to trigger an even harder erection. (As I’m writing this I’m actually getting a little erection just remembering how it felt!) It took a few times, but the Glide definitely seemed to work as the company claims it would. 

I’ve been able to play with the Neo a little, I find that I’m not quite ready for the added width and length yet, but it has the same design advantages that the Glide does. It feels the same, it functions the same, both of which I mean as compliments. It does have the longer perineum massage arm that ads a little more range to the massage, I was able to get it up to the base of my testicles and play a little there. I’m sure the more I work with it, the more fun it will be. 

So I haven’t graduated to using this while being with a partner yet, that’s going to take some more self-training and control exercises. But when inserted, both devices stay in relatively well, and the ribbing near the base does stimulate a bit when playing, going in and coming out just a little, it’s subtle enough to not notice, but notice at the same time. 

Cleaning the device was no problem at all. There are no real nooks and crannies to get anything stuck in, and there’s a tool that comes with the Neo and Glide that lets you pop out the metal ball and rinse that, and the area around the ball with no issues at all. 

I have nothing but compliments for the design, I didn’t have any real issues with use that didn’t relate to me being a complete new comer to male g-spot massage and anal insertion. These devices seemed perfect for introducing me to g-spot stimulation. If you’ve never tried g-spot stimulation before, give it a try, and if you give it a try, use the Nexus Glide and Nexus Neo, they feel great and are very easy to use. 

Enjoy! Dylan

Life On the Swingset

The Nexus G-Play
"We both loved the fact that this selection box of sex toy treats can be used by both men and women for whatever they choose it for. For men, here you have three various sized prostate massagers shaped with helpful kinks and curves. For women, they are G-spot massagers or anal vibrators, similar to vibrating butt plugs only more ergonomic and luxurious." -

This is the first of many Nexus reviews, a wonderful company specializing in anal toys and g- or p-spot stimulation. While there are some toys in their line which don’t quite work with a female anatomy the majority of them are unisex (including a super sexy new stainless steel toy that is still “coming soon.” Want!). The GPlay Trio is an excellent anal starter kit, both to introduce you to Nexus in general and for any anal beginner.

All three toys are made of a 100% medical-grade silicone sleeve covering a long inserted vibrator with controls on the bottom. The silicone is incredibly smooth and silky, quite unique to Nexus toys, and somewhere between the usual matte and smooth silicone types. The vibrator can be removed for ease of cleaning (see care instructions below), but without the vibrating bit inserted the plugs are pretty useless as they’re not stiff enough to insert. The small and medium plugs have one vibration setting and the large plug has five, all controlled by a single power button on the base. 

The shape and size of each of these are excellent. I especially love the base, something I tend to talk a lot about in my anal toy reviews as I far prefer oval or long rectangular bases to circular ones. These bases fit snugly between the cheeks and make the plugs extremely comfortable to wear. The only thing I would want to change to make these perfect is to make the neck slightly longer, they have a tendency to slip out if not paid attention to, especially the smaller two. The curved head makes for excellent g-spot stimulation regardless of sex, and the curves of the plugs feel very nice when thrusting. 

Having three identically shaped plugs makes me feel a little like Goldilocks: “this one’s too small... this one’s too big... ahh, just right.” Though that’s not completely accurate, the small one is a bit too small, but the large and medium are both perfect depending on the situation 

As I said, the small purple plug is a little too small for most experienced anal enthusiasts but is delightfully adorable and completely non-threatening so this would be the perfect beginner plug set for someone interested but perhaps a little daunted by the idea of sticking something up the backdoor. It really is about the size of a single finger, which is nice for warming up in theory but I’d rather just use my finger. We’ve only used the purple plug a few times preferring to skip it and go right for the larger ones since it is so tiny. 

I like to use the medium red plug as a warm-up plug more than the purple one. It stays in much easier and is that wonderful in-between size that Goldilocks likes to tell us of, it is rarely too big or too small. This is probably both mine and Onyx’s favorite of the three. The large black plug is still smaller than some other anal toys I own, but is also often too big to go to immediately. Since it, like all the plugs, is more elliptical than round even though it is somewhat thick it still feels smaller than other toys with comparable thickness. 

A big thank you to Nexus for providing me with the GPlay Trio! 

Name: GPlay Trio. 

Manufacturer: Nexus. 

Material: 100% medical-grade silicone. 

Type: Vibrating Anal Toy/Butt Plug Trio. 

Power: One AAA battery per plug. 

Length: 2.4in (small – purple), 2.9in (medium – red), 3.1in (large – black). 

Width: 0.9in (small), 1.2in (medium), 1.4in (large). 

Lube: Water- or oil-based only! Silicone lube should not be used with silicone toys unless it is specially formulated to do so. 

Care: General cleaning: toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap. Sterilization: (Make sure to take the vibrating part out first) wipe down with 10% bleach solution, run through the dishwasher on the top rack with no soap, or submerge in boiling water for 10 minutes. 

Rating: 4 Lotus’ (out of 5) – Very Good & Highly Recommended

Wanton Lotus

This colourful selection features three vibrators of differing heights and widths all designed to be used by women and men alike. 

Here's how we got on. 

The Packaging 

The Nexus G-Play Trio arrive in a stylish looking box, with a clear window so you can see the massagers clearly. To the left you'll find some of the benefits including:

  • Multi-speed vibration settings
  • High powered motor
  • Made from super soft brushed silicone
  • Extra long battery life

On the reverse of the box you will find tips on how to get the most from each of the vibrators. 

The box is hinged and opens upwards. This is certainly a nice and unexpected touch making the whole box feel slightly more luxurious. Both of us would be very happy receiving (or giving for that matter) this as a gift. 

The Products Themselves 

Each massager follows the same basic shape but differs in size from the cute baby vibrator right up to the daddy of anal massagers! 

All massagers are made from a medical grade silicone coating and operate via a push button located on the base of the vibrator. 

G-Play Small 

This cute small pink toy measures just 6cm insertable length and has a width of just over 2cm at its widest point. It may be small but it is still powerful. It takes an AAAA battery and is single speed. 

G-Play Medium 

This mid-range red vibrator measures just under 8cm in insertable length and is a more meaty 3cm across at it's widest point. Again, this vibrator has a single speed. 

G-Play Large 

The daddy of the trio, this purple massager measures around 9xm in insertable length and is a tasty 4cm or so at it's widest point. This massager features a multi-speed vibrator which is controlled by quickly pressing the power button on the base to cycle through the patterns. This vibrator uses an AAA battery. 

The Test 

Being a typical male, he wanted to test the biggest one. After reminding him who has in charge, I gave him the middle sized one to test out. I wanted the baby one for my butt and the big one for the front. I've not had both holes filled before though I've seen some rather tasty porn that makes that look like so much fun. Hence, I entered fantasy mode! 

We both lubed up the anal massagers and took time to insert them slowly as directed. As with all anal toys, use plenty of lubricant and take your time. Once you've inserted the anal toy, you need to relax for a while to let your anus become relaxed with the toy inserted. This ultimately makes your sexual fun more exciting although it can be frustrating having to wait for your body to play catch up! I mean my head wanted to start already! 

Once we were ready, we lay side by side in a sidewards 69 position. He lubed up the biggest G-spot massager and slid it into my vagina which was ready by this stage! We switched on each other's single speed anal massagers and both smiled in sync. The vibrations were surprisingly powerful for my small anal massager. It's length and girth are filling and together with the intensity of the vibrations along the shaft of the massager, I was very impressed with this. 

Mr STS tested out the mid range prostate massager which also apparently felt rather nice! It's a larger version of the G-Play Small so it performs in the same way, with the exception that it is slightly longer and slightly thicker, offering a more satisfying feeling. In all fairness he orgasmed very quickly which meant a) it must have been good and b) more time for me to play! 

The last to be tested was the G-Play Large vibrator where I thought we could test the claims that it can be used vaginally. As a prostate massager, the Large definitely hits the nail on the head with the name. It's definitely one to work up to rather than jumping straight for, in my opinion. 

As a vaginal massager, it's not as long or as thick as some I have tested but it is perfectly shaped, however, to hit the G-spot which was definitely a pleasant surprise. 

The vibrations are strong as with the other massagers but this one shines when it comes to vibration patterns. There are 5 different settings to choose from:

  • Fast constant
  • Short bursts
  • Fast pulses
  • Medium-then-stop cycle
  • Fast-then-stop cycle

(There are probably better technical names for these!). 

The patterns feel great when pressed against my G-spot and I could imagine these feel fantastic when used as a prostate massager. The patterns offer a break from the norm and offer heightened sensations as the experience becomes a bit more unpredictable. 


Who Is It For? 

This toy is definitely suitable for both men and women and can be used as an anal massager or as a vaginal massager. Their wide bases make them safe for both kinds of fun. 

The Positives

  • Good selection of sizes
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Soft and smooth, thanks to the super soft brushed silicone covering

The Negatives

  • A peculiar choice of battery in the smallest vibrator - would have preferred it to use AAA like the others in the set

Is It Worth Buying? 

We both loved the fact that this selection box of sex toy treats can be used by both men and women for whatever they choose it for. For men, here you have three various sized prostate massagers shaped with helpful kinks and curves. For women, they are G-spot massagers or anal vibrators, similar to vibrating butt plugs only more ergonomic and luxurious. 

Make sure that you thoroughly clean these massagers between uses with sex toy cleaner though you probably already know that! 

Sex Toy Sofa

The Nexus G-Rider
"I was very impressed with the G-Rider. Having used only some cheap butt plugs in the past, my main thrill was how hands free this was since the flared base stays right up against you and isn’t round like many plugs. There was no scrambling to hold it in, even during orgasm." -

Greetings friends, Cooper here with another multi-article, multi-day project. Today we received a box in the mail with five Nexus products inside, just begging to be reviewed. Marilyn pouted when she handed me the box on my arrival home. “They’re all for you,” she said. Looking inside I saw that they were indeed for me, as they were all Male G-Spot Massagers. “You just got a G-Pop to review,” I told her, and shuffled off with the box of toys. 

So, today I’m going to give my impressions of the G-Rider, one of the two silicone toys they provided us with for review. The entire Nexus line are listed as G-Spot massagers, and their site indicates they’re for both men and women, but I find that to be a bit misleading, as all 5 of the products sent to me are listed as MALE G-Spot massagers. 

First and foremost, like any silicone toy, this baby is SOFT and smooth. And, since it’s made of high grade silicone, it can be boiled to disinfect. It’s shaped sort of like a fat bent finger, about four inches long and an inch across at its girthiest point, with a base that flairs out in two curved directions to keep the G-Rider in place. The front flair has little nubs on it for stimulation of the perineum while the back is a “handle for manual intervention” but I personally couldn’t get a real grip on it. 

All of the Nexus toys come with the directions that you should insert it slowly and then relax for 10-15 minutes, allowing your body to become accustomed to the toy. As someone who isn’t new to insertion or prostate play, it didn’t take as long for me to become accustomed to it. I followed their suggestions of rocking and clenching to achieve arousal without other stimulation, but it didn’t really get me there. When I turned on the vibration, however, it was very much like having a vibrator at the core of my crotch. (Which, I suppose, is EXACTLY what it is) 

It has five different vibration settings, accessed by repeatedly pressing the button on the base of the G-Rider. Each provide very pleasing high intensity and low intensity moments, some rising and falling, some patterned, some jackhammer. Having never experimented with vibration in the vicinity of my prostate before, this was a very enlightening experience. As my excitement level rose, the vibration came right along, and when I orgasmed, I can’t say it was more intense than a regular orgasm, but I’ll certainly say it felt DIFFERENT, and lasted a bit longer. So I call that a win. 

I was very impressed with the G-Rider. Having used only some cheap butt plugs in the past, my main thrill was how hands free this was since the flared base stays right up against you and isn’t round like many plugs. There was no scrambling to hold it in, even during orgasm. If you’re into that sort of thing, it’s the kind of toy you can walk around with it in. I look forward to adding the G-Rider to our regular toybox as a high quality product that I think I’ll return to, and look forward to reviewing the other products in the Nexus line

Life On the Swingset

Male sex toy reviews are something of a rare commodity on the Internet. At least in comparison to those sex toys tested for women. Testing a male sex toy like the Nexus G-Rider takes a man and as I’m one of the relatively small number of guys testing sex toys I have a lot of work to do. LOL 

I will start by saying that the Nexus G-Rider is not an anal toy for beginners. I’d class it as an intermediate level anal sex toy. As I’ve pointed out before anal toys owe much of their intensity to their shape rather than sheer mass. An intensely stimulating also makes such a toy quite challenging to insert. The Nexus G-Rider is not some huge ass stretching device for anal addicts who are searching for the ultimate in anal dilation. What it does offer is a step up from a beginner’s toy that you’ll aspire to once you have mastered a small butt plug. 

The Nexus G-Rider is made from silicone for hygiene and comfort. It’s finished in a smooth and silky texture that feels great to touch and holds lube really well. As with all silicone toys you should not use a silicone based lubricant as this will damage your sex toy. In the centre of the G-Rider is a powerful five setting vibrator, it is perfectly made to transmit vibrations through the silicone and deep inside you when you use the toy. 

Inserting the G-Rider took a lot of lube as you’d expect for an anal sex toy but a lot of experimentation and patience too. There’s a slight, almost hooked shape at the tip of the toy that makes the toy quite wide to insert (for me at least and I count myself as an intermediate user of anal toys). When I had gently probed and manipulated the G-Rider to the correct angle it slotted inside and immediately took my breath away by applying pressure to all the right areas. 

The G-Rider locked in place working its magic and I couldn’t wait to turn on the vibrations. That’s reasonably easy, though the button could be a little more pronounced. As usual a nice pulsing setting was the best and had me stroking myself unselfconsciously to erection. I rolled onto my side and with a growing handful of cock squeezed and rocked the toy in my ass. The perineal stimulator of this toy is second to none, possibly the best I’ve experienced. It’s wide, flat pad is covered in silicone “bristles about 4mm long which press firmly behind your scrotum to massage the soft skin. 

The way in which the Nexus G-Rider prolongs and intensifies orgasm is astonishing. The prelude to ejaculation is filled with sensation from “behind” and the contractions which accompany your climax make it difficult to decide which gives greater pleasure, your cock or your ass. Not that you care too much at that point. LOL 

So what do I think of the Nexus G-Rider? 

Well, if it wasn’t for two points I would say this toy would score top marks from me. Firstly the vibrator. Why can’t Nexus make then fully waterproof? This in an anal sex toy – it’s going to need to be cleaned thoroughly. Of course you can coax the vibrator out of the silicone body but that’s difficult when your toy is covered in lube. Then there’s that little hook shape at the tip. For me that was a little unnecessary. It made insertion more difficult than would otherwise have been the case. Bear in mind however that everyone is different when it comes to anal toys and you may find the shape just what you need to press your button. 

For me the G-Rider delivered stimulation that has me wanting to try it again tomorrow night. This could become addictive, the challenge of insertion just another part of the experience.

Sex Toys Buzz

The Nexus Gyro
"Just WOW. This one I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, intensity in ten cities, man. I’ve never had a prostate stimulator make me blast off the way this one did. Nexus, I salute you, two in the box! Just amazing stuff." -

I keep wanting to pronounce this toy yee-ro like the delicious Greek sandwich, but it is actually named after the action you’re supposed to be able to do with it, gyrate, so it is supposed to be pronounced jy-ro. This makes much more sense, of course, but isn’t nearly as amusing. 

Like all Nexus toys Gyro is made from 100% medical-grade silicone and is an amazingly soft and silky silicone like Nexus seems to be known for (or at least is known for in my mind). Their silicone is different than that I have encountered in any other company. Since it is silicone you can share it between partners and orifices as long as you sterilize it between them (going from vagina to anus is okay but do not go the other way around without sterilizing it first!), see care instructions below for further details. 

The Gyro is meant to be a hands-free prostate stimulator, though works wonderfully as a g-spot stimulator on a female body as well. Nexus even has a neat how to use the Nexus Gyro guide on their site in case you’re not quite sure. Basically, it has a very firm round base which enables you to sit on it and rock your pelvis around to get more than the usual insertable stimulation without having to use a hand to thrust it inside of yourself. 

How does it work? Very well, actually. The delightful curve of the toy hits just the right internal places. I’ve used it on both Onyx and myself, both thrusting and rocking and it is quite exceptional. I don’t think I’ve encountered any other dildos that are made for this kind of hands-free gyrating stimulation. 

It is just slightly over average thickness and shorter than a lot of other toys because it is made to be inserted and rocked upon rather than thrusted, though it can be thrusted with as well. For those size queens who enjoy thicker and/or longer toys Nexus also makes the Gyro Extreme. 

Since the base is so round and bulbous (about 2 1/2 inches in diameter! Not to be inserted) it is uncomfortable to keep it inserted or wear it for very long periods of time. Nexus also has considered the needs of those who would prefer to use something like the Gyro as a plug and created Silo. 

A big thank you to Nexus for providing me with the Gyro! 

Name: Gyro 

Manufacturer: Nexus. 

Material: 100% medical-grade silicone. 

Features: Waterproof/submergeable, non-porous, phthalate-free, body-safe, can be sterilized & shared. 

Type: Anal Toy/Butt Plug. Hands-free prostate stimulator. 

Length: 4 1/2 inches (insertable) 6 inches (total) 

Width: 1 5/8 inches (diameter) 5 inches (around) 

Lube: Water- or oil-based only! Silicone lube should not be used with silicone toys unless it is specially formulated to do so. 

Care: General cleaning: toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap. Sterilization: wipe down with 10% bleach solution, run through the dishwasher on the top rack with no soap, or submerge in boiling water for 10 minutes. 

Rating: 4 Lotus’ (out of 5) – Very Good & Highly Recommended

Wanton Lotus

Last week I reviewed the Nexus G-Rider, one of two silicone toys sent to us by Nexus for review. Being the most adventurous (prostately speaking) of our male writers, I opted to take the two largest Nexus toys, the G-Rider and the Gyro, giving the other three out to two brave souls. I’ve never been shy about prostate stimulation as you’ve heard in my stories about Marilyn and our Feeldoe. So, like the G-Rider, this is made of high grade silicone and can be boiled, put in the dishwasher, or rubbed with alcohol to disinfect it after use, and when we’re talking about an anal toy, this is an important factor. 

My first thoughts on picking it up were again how amazingly soft their silicone toys are. We have other silicone toys, the Feeldoe, the WeeVibe, but this (and our new OhMiBod Lifestyle Vibe) is phenomenally soft. After I got over the softness, my eyebrows went up a bit at the heft on display with the Gyro, it’s HEAVY and solid! Like the G-Rider, the Gyro has a bulbous neck and a pointed forward tip (see photo above) that’s designed to press right on the prostate. What separates the Gyro is a much thicker neck and rounder tip, at leas three fingers worth (all finger measurements are approximate and should not be taken as fact.) 

Initially I was skeptical going into the Gyro review, I’d had such a great time with the G-Rider, it had wonderful stimulation on my perineum and, well, it vibrated. So moving onto the Gyro, the handle shape of the base was gone, replaced by almost a full globe bottom, the source of most of the heft. The packaging assured me that this was meant to be a hands free toy, designed so “users can ‘gyrate’ their way to male G-spot orgasm!” Well that’s all well and good, but I’ve heard tell that prostate orgasms without penis stimulation are one of the rarest of rare…so I was fairly skeptical on that front, and anticipated a full session with my hand in conjunction. 

It was slow going, getting the Gyro in place, the extra girth was surprising and a bit difficult for a bit. Once I got it in place, I took the advice and let it “settle,” though once inserted, the Gyro didn’t feel as comfortable as the G-Rider. I don’t think my body was much interested in adapting to this one. I rocked on it a bit, and experienced the curious prostate stimulation sensation of needing to pee, but not really… Then I added manual stimulation into the mix and…within a minute, it had done its job. 

Just WOW. With the G-Rider I said that I couldn’t say it was more intense than a regular orgasm. This one I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, intensity in ten cities, man. I’ve never had a prostate stimulator make me blast off the way this one did. Nexus, I salute you, two in the box! Just amazing stuff. 

Warning, though, this is NOT for the faint of heart, this isn’t for beginners of any sort. But those of you who enjoy the feeling (and those who enjoy a good pegging certainly) will REALLY enjoy the Nexus Gyro. Now go out and get one!

Life On the Swingset

What was your first impression of the item sent to you? - the look and feel of it and your assumptions of how it was going to perform? 
The Nexus arrived in a plastic cylindrical sturdy tube, with an inner sleeve that had the instructions on. However inside, the shrink wrapped Nexus was free to move about and could have been improved by being anchored in an inner case.When I first saw it I thought it looked as though it was going to be extremely uncomfortable, with the big bulbous end on it, and wasn't sure if the shape would work efficiently, but thought I'll give it my best shot. 

What was the item like in action? 
It performed extremely well against my first impression and not requiring batteries was an added bonus as no noise or extra cost. It claims to promte stronger, longer and more powerful orgasms, which I would definitely agree with. The build up to orgasm was a lot longer, the length was probably about the same but was definitely more powerful and enjoyable. 

Did the item make you feel sexy? 
Not really an item to make you feel sexy, as the shape is quite obscure and not particularly nice to look at with a matt black finish. It didn't make me feel more sexually attractive to my partner, but I suppose the fact that you know it will improve your orgasm instantly is a personal turn on. 

What reaction did the item achieve - personally to you or with other parties? 
I showed it to my partner, and her reaction was 'Wow' she thought it would be interesting to see if it worked also, and was keen for me to feedback the results. She did say it reminded her of a sink plunger! 

Any other comments? 
I'd seen these items in shops before and was intrigued, but wondered if they actually worked. Having not experienced any anal toys before, this was quite an eye opener and although I don't think it will become an integral part of our sex life, the Nexus will be used regularly by myself alone, as this suits us both, however other couples may choose to use it together. 

How could this item be improved? 
The product itself has no problems, just the inner packaging, and I suppose a variety of colours would suit people’s aesthetical tastes, rather than matt black. 

Would you recommend this item to a friend? 
Yes I would definitely recommend this to a friend. 

Do you have any hot tips for usage with this item? 
You do need to use lots of lubrication and plenty of time, as it was my first experience of a Nexus it was a bit awkward at first to insert but once relaxed it began to feel more and more enjoyable. I might suggest trying it out first on your own to become familiar with your own body, but if you are a seasoned anal pro, then go straight ahead with your partner. 

What rating would you give this item out of 5? 

Sex Toy Testers

The Nexus iStim
"I was very pleased to receive this Electro product, I was very intrigued on how this going to perform. The Nexus iStim comes in a small box and good packaged. It comes with 1 istim unit, lead wires, electrode, battery and a good instruction manual how hoes to use the product." -

What was your first impression of the item sent to you? - the look and feel of it and your assumptions of how it was going to perform? 
I was very pleased to receive this Electro product, I was very intrigued on how this going to perform. The Nexus iStim comes in a small box and good packaged. It comes with 1 istim unit, lead wires, electrode, battery and a good instruction manual how hoes to use the product. 

What was the item like in action? 
This product can be used on all body parts below the waist, the manual advises to use this either on the penis or the inner thighs which will stimulate the vagina. The unit provides 7 built in stimulating presets or you can set it up manually on how you would like the stimulation. I really liked the burst mode which sends 10 sharp burst it was very teasing. It was not loud at all you won’t even know it was on if you didn’t have the patches attached to you. When the patches were attached to the thighs it send burst of impulses which stimulated the vagina, It was very teasing and left me wanting more. I really liked this product and I am going to do some more experimenting with this I think there is a lot you can do with this. The patches were self sticking and were easy to stick on and they stayed on, the wires just push into the patches and was easy to assemble. 

Did the item make you feel sexy? 
My partner took control of using this product, it was really good he tied me up and applied the patches it was very teasing. 

What reaction did the item achieve - personally to you or with other parties? 
My partner loved using this he was in total control of the pulses; He is looking forward in using this on the penis. 

Any other comments? 
I really loved this product and I am hoping to purchase the add on that you can get for this, You can get a cock ring and a variation of dildos. There was no issues with this product it was easy to assemble and easy to apply the patches. 

How could this item be improved? 
I did not find any faults with this product; the manual was really good and explained how to use to this product. The patches was the right size and provides the right types of pulses for stimulation, Not sure how you could wash the product maybe just use a wipe on the patches. 

Would you recommend this item to a friend? 
Yes this product will open a new venture in your sex life. 

Do you have any hot tips for usage with this item? 
The manual advises to use this on the penis or the inner thighs which then teases the vagina. You can use this on all body parts below the waist; we are going to try this on the buttocks near the vagina. We used another vibrator to aid the vibrations. 

What rating would you give this item out of 5? 

Sex Toy Testers

What was your first impression of the item sent to you? - the look and feel of it and your assumptions of how it was going to perform? 
I've always been curious as to what "e-stim" devices were like and they felt when you used them so I was very excited to get the opportunity to review one. 

The packaging was tasteful as the device comes in its own small carry case - it comes with everything you need to start using it too (although there is the option to purchase additional add-ons) 

What was the item like in action? 
The first time I used the item I connected two of the pads to my penis as per the starter instructions and then just turned it on, at first I felt nothing and it took until about 3/4 on the strength dial before I felt anything at all. 

The actual sensation is very strange, it's a warm tingle that spreads through the area you've put the pads on, it doesn't make your muscles spasm as such to make any involuntary jerking, it's just a sensation. It makes no noise at all! 

The second time I tried using one of the nexus attachments and a nexus anal toy too, the rhythmic burst mode on the iSTIM was great with this setup as it actively encouraged a pulsing prostate massage. 

Both times I used a normal rubber cock ring (as hinted at in the instructions) and I really enjoyed the sensation, albeit nothing like I was expecting or have experienced before. 

Did the item make you feel sexy? 
Yes, the sense of adventure and unknown made me turned on with this device. 

The electrical impulses felt good, but they weren't enough to achieve orgasm for me the times that I tested the product, which I would quite like to try and achieve with this device. 

What reaction did the item achieve - personally to you or with other parties? 
The item raised a lot of suspicion mainly - people aren't generally familiar with these sorts of stimulation products, many haven't even seen them in medical use (such as the TENS systems) so there was much confusion about what it would actually do. 

Any other comments? 
I think generally it would have probably been worth them including the cock ring attachment in the box, I assume they didn't for price reasons but possible worth reconsidering. 

How could this item be improved? 
The instructions could be slightly better, there were bits and bobs of instructions in the box but, for example, no real notes on how to use the nexus attachments - being an electrical impulse system I assumed that I would need both positive and negative ends wired up somehow to make anything work, but this isn't made clear anywhere. 

Would you recommend this item to a friend? 
Really hard to tell as it's such a unique item that I'd have to know what they wanted - if they wanted to give e-stim stuff a go though, I'd definitely say this was a good starter kit. 

Do you have any hot tips for usage with this item? 
I would definitely recommend using the nexus attachments at some point, and I'm certainly considering buying the cock ring attachment too. 

What rating would you give this item out of 5? 

Sex Toy Testers

Nexus iStim
by Jnuts

Electrosex is something I have wanted to try for a while. The high cost of the tools to do so as well as Belle’s disinterest in the whole thing forced it to take a back seat. When Nexus asked me to do some reviews for them however, the iStim was the first thing on my list!

I was in a car accident when several years ago. I messed up my back and had to go through months of physical therapy. Therapy introduced me to the muscle stim devices. Ever since I was first hooked up to the muscle stim, I have wondered what it would feel like elsewhere on my body. At that point, I had no idea people actually used e-stims for sexual purposes.

The packaging on the iStim is some of the best I have seen. A black, hard plastic case keeps the device safe in transit. A removable cardboard wrapper surrounds it, listing the contents and the need for a 9 volt battery (Included) . There are two slide locks integrated into the top of the case to keep it closed. Opening the case reveals several items secured within some dense foam.

iSTIM kit includes:
Tens Unit
Electro pads
iSTIM attachments
Snap connector to attach iSTIM C-Ring
Safe and discreet storage case

The Nexus iStim is is a fairly small unit, approx. 5 inches in length. It is compatible with several Nexus toys(not included). The Nexus Glide, Nexus Neo, Nexus Titus, Nexus Excel, and Nexus Vibro are all compatible at this point.

It is difficult to describe the sensations that the iStim is capable of giving you. When Belle first turned it on, I felt nothing. Turning it up to about 3, I got a jolt that startled me. It feels like intense internal vibrations. When turned up around 6, they get to be almost too much for me. We haven’t ventured any higher as of yet.

I can definitely see how the istim can be used in an SM situation. We haven’t been able to try it yet, but the thought of Belle using it to cause me pain excites me quite a bit. You cannot escape it. The sensation is internal. When you first start to feel discomfort, your instinct is to pull away. It isn’t possible. It is definitely a mind fuck.

Thus far we have experimented with a couple of different configurations on my penis. We also tried sticking one of them on my perineum and the other on my frenulum. That didn’t really do much for me. My favorite thus far is sticking one pad to my frenulum and a second pad on the head of my penis but on the opposite side. We have tried all four pads, but just briefly. I expect more of that will be in order soon.

There are several modes to choose from, or cycle through as Belle often does. There are 7 preset modes. Burst, Normal continuous, Modulation Width, Modulated Pulse Frequency, Modulated Pulse Frequency and Length, Strength Intensity and Frequency Modulation, and Strength Intensity and Pulse Width Modulation. Within the Normal continuous setting, there is the ability to set the amplitude, pulse, rate and cycle time manually for the more experienced users. There are 2 separate intensity controls, each one controlling 2 of the contacts. You can either use all 4 or only 2, allowing you to individualize the experience even farther.

A word of caution, although this is marketed as a “toy”, please remember that is a medical device. Although the currents are small, they are still electrical currents. People with any type of heart condition (including a pacemaker), who are prone to seizures, have metal implants of any type in their body, or are pregnant should not use this product. Also, do not use it above the waist. If you wish to provide manual stimulation to an individual wearing an iStim device, it is also advised to wear latex gloves.

Thus far, the iStim has not gotten me close to orgasm. I’m not sure it could with just the pads. We definitely want to try some of the other toys available for use with it!



Belle’s Thoughts

Using an iStim was something that I thought was way beyond my comfort level. Turns out I was wrong. Once I got past the instruction manual (which I advise reading before playing) and hooked him up for the first time it was not as intimidating as I had imagined. It was fun to hook up, bind his hands and leave the room for a few minutes. There was no doubt in my mind that he was enjoying himself, I could hear the moans of pleasure with each burst of current from the next room.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned above was lubrication. If using the iStim with an insertable toy, you will need to use a water based lube. Silicone is an insulator and will reduce conductivity. Silicone based lube can also cause damage to the product and will void the 1 year warranty.

My only complaint with the iStim so far has to be the battery compartment, and the manuals lack of direction in locating it. It tells you to slide the battery compartment door down to insert the battery, but does not tell you where it is. It took us several minutes to locate it. The main piece that slides down to display the mode controls slides down further to reveal the battery compartment. We were afraid to force it, but saw no other logical place for the battery to go.


Check out this very informative video review on the Nexus iSTIM over at Edenfantasys


I really liked the iStim. It was my first taste of electo sex toys and I’m a fan. I couldn’t wait to try out some of the accessories that were compatible with the iStim so when the Nexus Neo showed up on my doorstep, I didn’t waste any time trying it out.

The Nexus Neo is a hard plastic prostate toy with a steel roller ball that is in place to stimulate your perineum.It is made of phthalate-free medical grade polypropylene. In order to utilize the iStim with the Nexus Neo, you must use the included accessory to remove the roller ball. The ball is then replaced with a plastic attachment that was included with the iStim unit. This attachment accepts an iStim wire post.

It is recommended to use water based lube with all iStim attachments in order to prevent blockage of conductivity. Once the lube was applied, the Neo slid in very easily. Measuring 135mm long and 35mm wide, the plug is not overwhelming. The shape is conducive for prostate stimulation and even without any juice, it is a very pleasurable toy. Obviously the sparks fly when you plug it in…

We started out with the one pair of pads on my cock. We then inserted the plug and put the pad coupled with it lower on my cock. We started out very slow. One thing that was more apparent with the plug than with the pads was the fact that the electric current does travel between the leads. We moved the pad around to several different positions before settling in the middle of my back on my waistline. We had tried my scrotum but that didn’t work because the skin was not flat enough for the pad to stay put. Same thing for my perineum. When I tried just putting the pad on my ass cheek, I ended up feeling the stimulation there more than anywhere else and that wasn’t really doing anything for me.

So what does it feel like? It feels somewhat like a vibrator. A very intense vibrator. The majority of the time we had it turned up to 5 (8 is the maximum). After a while, I had her turn it up to 6. After going to 6, curiosity got the best of me and I told her to turn it all the way up. Going to 7 was not that much of a leap but when it hit 8, I freaked out. Don’t be stupid and just decide you want to turn it up to the max…trust me. It caused major contractions and cramping. It is something you may be able to work up to, or if you are using the iStim to administer pain, 8 may be your cup of tea.

This thing gave me the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my life. It was probably also the longest orgasm I have ever had. I did need it turned off immediately afterwards. I was totally spent and sore.

Cleaning couldn’t be easier! Remove the roller ball or iStim attachment first. Since it is a solid piece of plastic, you can pretty much clean it however you want. I just used soap and hot water for this one.

We have used the iStim several times and the adhesive on the pads isn’t quite holding anymore. That is a bummer. I’m hoping they last long enough to review the other iStim toy I received.

All in all, WELL WORTH IT! That orgasm was heavenly and I can’t wait to experience it again!



The Nexus Max 5
"This toy has lived up to expectations. It is made of good quality silicone and is nice and soft to the touch. This toy might well be a regular feature from now on!" -

What was your first impression of the item sent to you? - the look and feel of it and your assumptions of how it was going to perform? 
Nice looking product - black, contoured and with a sleek looking silver bullet. I couldn't wait to remove it from its professional looking plastic box. I thought this would be a good product and would exceed any expectations I had. 

What was the item like in action? 
This was a good product. The 3 variable vibrations were good. It was fairly loud though especially on the faster vibrations. All that said though it produced good, solid sensations and was great and easy to use. 

Did the item make you feel sexy? 
This was one item that I really couldn't wait to try. It really turned me on, and I climaxed almost straight away upon using it. The vibrating bullet is placed so close to the skin, but it is so gentle, that every nerve was on fire. 

What reaction did the item achieve - personally to you or with other parties? 
My partner loved it. It is so soft to touch and so powerful that they were ready to use it themselves and use it on me. They expected it to be good, but when they saw my reaction they were amazed. 

Any other comments? 
I have always wondered how well these would actually work - never being convinced enough to purchase one. However I am now convinced and this will be used a lot from now on. I have even begun to look for similar products to purchase. 

How could this item be improved? 
The only fault I found with this product is the switch. It is quite sensitive and can easily switch from level 1 vibration to off - when all you want is to move it to level 2. 

Would you recommend this item to a friend? 

Do you have any hot tips for usage with this item? 
Use it lots. Use it in different positions. Doggy feels great. Let your husband try it anally - he will love it. 

What rating would you give this item out of 5? 

Sex Toy Testers

Up next is yet another in a line of endless great male prostate products from the good people over at Pleasure2Me. – Of course it’s another Nexus and of course it’s bloody fantastic!

The Nexus Max 5 is sort of the logical development, or offshoot, of the now almost legendary Nexus Excel; which by many is considered the ultimate male sex toy, and probably still one of the absolute best selling Nexus products. – Though, in my book, the Max 5 not only… well, kicks some serious Excel ass, but it also seems to have garnered the Juicer nickname by more than just it’s cool looks.

I’m a pretty relaxed dude. – I say that with more than just a smile, but also knowing that I’m pretty relaxed in my sexuality. – I’ve reached an age where not many surprises still lurk in that department… A few years ago I had a big one though! My OH was giving me a blowjob, put a finger up my butt and found my P-Spot, tickled it a bit and Oh Lord have mercy…!

That was quite a few prostate massagers ago now. And trust me; this prostate tickler, this ’Juicer’ will definitely be a part of my future, relaxed or not!

I’ve mentioned my love for hands-free prostate play before. – The immense pleasure of an aroused prostate, the prostate fluid – the ‘juice’ – starting to trickle out and then the mind-blowing ejaculation to top it all off. – And all without even touching your penis. – Can I say dick? Guess I can; my blog and all…

But let’s get back on track a bit: The Max 5 is made of a smooth, almost velvety, phthalates free, medical grade silicone, and has a similar shape as the aforementioned Nexus Excel. – A shape clinically designed and engineered to cause quite a stir when it’s introduced to an unsuspecting anus. Max 5 is a gentle giant though. By it’s velvety design and shape, you would have to be very tight not to let this one in, experienced or not. Given its rather girthy size, It’s not in any way designed to be thrust. – It’s meant to be gently inserted until the bulbous tip is pressing gently on the prostate, and by design of the shaft, holding it in place. – Making the bullet ‘compartment’ pres up against the perineum.

Most people don’t know this, but the perineum is mainly composed of muscles that are part of the pelvic floor muscles. And the skin covering the perineum is richly equipped with highly sensitive nerves. And this is why the Max 5 is a two-fold pleasure giant. You see; as you use the pelvic muscles to ’play’ with your prostate – rubbing the bulbous tip back and forth – the vibrating bullet will then massage the same pelvic nerve endings in this sensitive perineum area. All making the Max 5 quite a toy!

The bullet is pretty straightforward; tap and switch to three different vibrator settings. And though the bullet will be pressing gently on the perineum area, the vibration will definitely run through the entire massager, giving you a rather powerful stimulation on the perineum, the prostate and the sphincter!

You can use the Nexus Max 5 for intensive recreational masturbation and prostate play, which I find to be the best by far. But also for stimulation during sex, which I found to be a little… well, awkward. I sort of had the bullet tip be a little bit too much in the way during sex. – Though I did find it to be a great option during a blowjob!

The velvety feel of the toy doesn’t require lube, especially if you’re an experienced prostate player. – But in my book, experienced or not, all sex play just gets a tad better with lube. So get it out, rub it on, rub it in, and you’ll be down for some serious play with the Nexus Max 5! – And being a silicone toy, I will hunt you down and smack you silly if you use anything but a great water-based lube!

Oh; and please do not drown the Juicer. – The bullet will deal with some moist, but it’s not a waterproof toy. – If you want that option, do like me; upgrade to the Vibro Bullet and you are all set for some underwater bathtub play.

Both Pleasure2Me and EdenFantasys are having great prices and frequent bundle deals on the Max 5. There’s seriously no time to waste if you want the Juicer. – And believe me, you will. – If not, well, then you’re simply missing out!

Jespers Univers

Kindly sent to me by Nexus, themselves, the Max 5 is one of a range of prostate massagers. It’s one of those anal / perineum combination toys that have become quite common in recent years. This one is just under 5″ in length and has a maximum width of 1.5″ so it’s more for someone with a little experience than it is for an absolute beginner.

As you may be aware, I’ve tried out toys like this in the past. Fortunately, this one turned out to be a lot better than my first purchase…

To start with, the silicone is THE smoothest I have ever touched. Nexus call it their ‘Luxury Brushed Silicone’ and it really is one of those products that you can’t stop picking up and feeling. Even now, writing this review, I keep going back to it to have a play. Nexus actually have a small amount of their silicone on the outside of the packaging with a big ‘Touch me’ sign above it (see above), and I can see why. It really is sensational.

The toy itself is very firm. It’s not dissimilar to the Lelo Bob in firmness. It hardly moves a millimetre when you squeeze it. There are two main portions of the toy. The insertable ‘plug’ part of the toy and the perineum massager, which incorporates a small bullet vibrator. It’s very easy to insert, just remember to use plenty of lube and make sure it’s water based so it doesn’t damage the silicone. Be aware though that the angle of the perineum massager is acute and, as such, makes the toy press forward a lot. Lots of toys are shaped like this to ensure pressure is always applied to the prostate, but this one is angled more than most, so insert it slowly if you’re new to this style of product. Personally, I don’t insert this one all the way. I find the most enjoyable position to be about two thirds in, with end of the vibrating portion pressing against my perineum and the plug firmly against my prostate. Now, I won’t lie… the bullet won’t break any records, but none of them ever do. It’s simply impossible to incorporate Hitachi size vibrations in something so small. This one is actually better than most though as it has 3 speeds with the 3rd being more powerful than any other bullet I’ve tried, but if you want mind blowing vibrations then you can always hold a Hitachi Magic Wand or other powerful vibrator against it. To be completely honest though, the perineum vibrations are really secondary to the shape of the toy. It’s still enjoyable to use without turning the vibe on and I find myself only turning it on about half of the time. I usually start with the vibe off then turn it on towards the end for a little extra sensation. I also prefer to use this toy lying down so I can move it around if I want to with one hand. There is a flat section of the base so you can sit down whilst using it but, for me, that presses the toy in further than I like. As with all dual purpose toys (i.e. toys designed to stimulate two or more areas), positioning will be different for everyone so it’s worth while taking your time with them and finding out which position is best for you.

If I had to change anything, I’d alter the angle of the perineum massager to be a tiny bit less acute, but Nexus produce a wide range of anal toys at differing angles, from this to right angles (90 degrees) and many in between. That’s just me though and everybody is different. Overall though, this is by far the best dual prostate/perineum toy I’ve tried and I’ve tried quite a few (Rocks Off, Aneros etc.). It’s certainly the most finely crafted and is a better shape than all the others I’ve used, too.

To sum it up, the Max 5 is a great toy for someone who’s experimented in anal play before but wants to take it a bit further. Maybe someone who has tried a plug or toy and wants a little more. I also need to mention the silicone once again! It really is something else. As much as I love having toys of different types, I wouldn’t be disappointed if they were all made from this. As with all Nexus toys, it also has their guarantee to be completely odourless and phthalate free. You can find them here at Pleasure2Me.

Ruffled Sheets

Along my search for the perfect prostate toy for hubby, I was presented with the opportunity to review the Nexus Max 5.

Material / Texture

The Nexus Max 5 is made of medical grade silicone and sports a satin finish that is very soft to the touch. The piece that stimulates the perineum is covered in raised dots to enhance the contact points for the vibrations to be transferred.

Most of the Nexus Max 5 is rather firm with little give, but the neck is soft enough to bend to my will. Since the silicone of the Nexus Max 5 is rather dense, the vibrations do seem to get absorbed and dampened a little on their way from the bullet to the tip. The intensity seems to drop by about 1/4 from the bullet sleeve to the tip.


Nexus Max 5 with Bullet RemovedThe Nexus Max 5 is controlled by bullet advertised as a 3-speed. Press the button on the bullet and it will illuminate in red when activated. Pressing the button again will turn the bullet off. You’ll need to press and hold to get to the level of intensity that you prefer. There really are no set separate levels of vibration. For this reason, I don’t see it as a true 3-speed bullet.

Instructions for relaxation and insertion are included in the package.

Vibration Level: 3/5 Average in intensity and suitable for most people

Noise Level: 3/5 Can be heard under the covers and lightly behind closed doors.

For Prostate Stimulation

Inserting the Nexus Max 5 for the first time was a little difficult for my husband but he didn’t really take the time to relax himself like he should have. He was just too eager to give it a go. Also, it’s a little bigger than what he’s used to, and I think that was part of the problem initially.

After it was in, he said he felt more secure with this than other toys. One confused look from me later, he explained that it just seemed like it was in him better and didn’t feel like it was going to slip out any time soon.

The solid body of the Nexus Max 5 worked well to provide pressure and stimulation to his prostate. He’s said that he gets the most out of it during doggy style sex. The vibrations to his prostate are slightly weaker than the vibrations to his perineum, but the difference isn’t very noticeable.

For those who are curious, the Nexus Max 5 won’t get in the way during manual stimulation, since it rests behind the scrotal sack. Sitting on the Nexus Max 5 and trying to rock it for orgasm without manual stimulation might be uncomfortable.

For G-spot Use

Nexus Max 5 | Prostate Massagers | EdenFantasys.comPersonally, I find the Nexus Max 5 a little uncomfortable for g-spot use. When inserted, it feels like it’s pressing a little too much. Some of this could be from the fact that the tip of the toy is rather wedge-like. I usually prefer something a little more rounded, so it might just be me.

I can’t really get the nubby part to hit where I want it to either. It stops right below my clit when the Nexus Max 5 is fully inserted, which is a little frustrating.

Although the box does advertise the Nexus Max 5 as a g-spot toy, I think I’ll probably leave this one to hubby and his prostate. This is one of very few of his toys that I don’t plan on stealing when he’s not home.


Make sure to remove the bullet first. If it needs cleaning, run over it with a toy wipe or a 10% bleach solution. You could wash it with soap and water, because it looks to me like it should be waterproof because of the rubber o-ring. Still, the package says nothing about it being waterproof, so be careful.

You can clean the silicone part of the Nexus Max 5 with soap and water, toy cleaner, wipe it with a 10% bleach solution, boil it for 3 minutes, or put it in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Nexus Max 5 | Specs


The packaging of the Nexus Max 5 advertises it as a g-spot massager, although it’s design is intended for prostate stimulation. Included within are the Nexus Max 5, a LR1 battery, and instructions.

Our Opinion: Although I don’t think I’ll be using the Nexus Max 5 for g-spot stimulation anytime soon, my husband prefers shape of the Nexus Max 5 to his other toys. He’s pretty happy with it, so I’m glad I picked it. Many thanks to Chloe at Nexus for letting me test this out my husband!

True Pleasures

The Nexus Neo
"This is an excellent prostate massager. Its shape and form perfectly hit my prostate upon penetration and required little to no manipulation once in. It has a small handle that allows the toy to be moved around, but it designed well enough that it isn't really necessary. It is incredibly comfortable and can be used for extended sessions or a quick play. In fact, this toy really shines in its ability to stay in place and accentuate whatever else you have planned!" -

"This Thing Really Hits the Spot!" 

This is definitely one of my new favorite toys for all around play. It is an excellent complement to whatever else you are doing and makes the end that much more satisfying. 

This is an excellent prostate massager. It's shape and form perfectly hit my prostate upon penetration and required little to no manipulation once in. It has a small handle that allows the toy to be moved around, but it designed well enough that it isn't really necessary. It is incredibly comfortable and can be used for extended sessions or a quick play. In fact, this toy really shines in its ability to stay in place and accentuate whatever else you had planned for the day. 

The toy is made up of hard plastic that holds up well and makes the toy easy to clean. This allows for it to stay in place and keep constant and consistent pressure upon the p-spot. Additionally, it is really easy to clean and the metal ball attached at the base does a nice job of providing some temperature contrast that adds a slightly unique element to the stimulation. 

The base of the toy is properly shaped to allow the toy to stay in place for extended periods of time and without worry of it falling in. The neck shape is a good size and the minor nub at the end of the head provides a more direct stimulation. The drawback to the shape is the handle can get in the way or be bumped unexpectedly. This can sometimes be a good thing, but it can get caught and be mildly annoying. 

This toy is outstanding for extended play. It really isn't going to shine on its own, but does an outstanding job of making all other activities that much better. It really is a wonderful addition to any form of play and makes the end really outstanding. 

Cleaning this toy is an absolute breeze because of the material. The plastic cleans off easily with warm soap and water and the toy comes with a small paddle to remove the metal ball. Unfortunately it could be really easy to lose this additional toy so I recommend storing all the different pieces together in one spot.


"Quite a ride!" 

When embarking on a male sex toy review like this one you have to be aware that not every man has even considered let alone tried a prostate massager or some sort of anal play. 

There are certain taboos about anal play that mean men can miss out on an surprising and intense way of augmenting their sexual experiences. By taking time and using plenty of lube any man can enjoy toys like the Nexus Neo to deliver intense and satisfying orgasm. 

While not the biggest anal toy I’ve used the Neo is quite large and made from hard plastic. Its lightly textured surface allows it to carry lube better than a smooth toy. Of course lube is vitally important with anal toys so this is a big plus. I have found in the past that hard plastic anal toys can be a little intense, meaning you have to be in the right frame of mind and totally relaxed to enjoy them fully. 

I was therefore a little apprehensive as I lubed up the Nexus Neo and slowly introduced it to my anus. Surprisingly the toy slid in slowly but relatively easily. I applied more lube as I pushed it further inside, but never experienced the sometimes breathtaking pressure on my P Spot that I was expecting. 

Instead when the toy locked into place pressing the metal ball of the perineal stimulator against the rear of my scrotum I felt filled and in control. The Neo is for me at least the best anal toy I’ve used when it comes to controllability. Without recourse to my hands I was able to adjust its position within me with contractions of the muscles in my ass and buttocks. 

The pressure on my P Spot wasn’t intense but was pleasurable so as I gently tensed and released the muscles of my lower bowel I felt in total control of the Nexus Neo. 

I gently played with my cock until I was fully erect and then began a slow and enjoyable wank. The occasional movement of the neo inside me caused by my own involuntary muscular contractions made me want to grip the toy tightly. In doing so the pressure on my P Spot was intensified and the whole experience of masturbation became a fusion of the sensation in the whole of my lower abdomen. 

I rolled over onto my side from my initial position on my back and felt the weight of my body change the orientation of the Nexus Neo and me. A few strokes later I carefully got to my knees and with one hand for support I stroked my hard cock faster and faster. 

When I came onto the towel I had laid on the bed to catch the lube I was using to facilitate the entry of the Nexus Neo my ass grasped the toy, making me feel the involuntary muscular contractions wanted to crush it out of existence. Then as I was pumping the last of my seed onto the Egyptian cotton I could feel the toy being pushed forcibly out of me. 

Quite a ride. 

If I have one criticism of the Nexus Neo it is that the perineal stimulator ball is in the wrong place for me. The key phrase being for me. Toys like this work better in some ways for some people than for others so this isn’t a big problems. 

When it came to insertion, use, removal and cleaning this toy was great. For and intermediate anal sex toy user the size and shape of the Nexus Neo is great. It doesn’t need too much lube and is really controllable without using your hands … Leaving them free for other things. 

When I removed the Nexus Neo it slid out in stages with little fuss and the hard plastic design and removable ball in the perineal stimulator could not be easier to clean.

Sex Toys Buzz

"An Uncompromising Anal Accessory" 

The Nexus is a great product for adding a new dimension to regular sex. It's a passive product - achieving the best result when you 'plug and play' and leave it inserted during foreplay, oral and sex itself. The prostate stimulation really intensifies orgasm. 

The Nexus Neo is a prostate massager, designed to stimulate a man's P-spot through the 'bot' spot. Made from bright orange plastic, it's a fairly hefty and awesomely colorful product that comes complete with an external roller ball that apparently massages the perineum. 

The Nexus resembles a corkscrew to a certain extent, except you can't uncork a cheeky Cabernet with it. 

It's utterly safe for anal play because the t-bar across the top ensures it can't get lost in an eager orifice, while the s-shaped bar enables the Nexus to be manipulated and wiggled even when it's 'in place.' It's thin enough to neatly nestle between your butt cheeks and could even be worn 'out and about' although the handle makes it difficult and uncomfortable to sit down on. 

The plastic's quite hard, so there's a certain rigidity that some anal-toy fans might not like. The Nexus comes with a separate gadget for 'popping' the metal roller ball out so you can totally clean and sterilize the toy, however doing so doubles the amount of small components you can lose now if the ball rolls away and the little orange gadget is the sort of thing that will disappear within moments of purchase. Keep it in the slick plastic packaging. 

The length and width of the Nexus are challenging, but satisfying. It's not huge and is the right insertable length to neatly stroke the prostate. 

Nexus is made from rigid orange plastic, which makes it a totally uncompromising anal toy. It has no scent and the molding is perfect - there are no ugly or jagged seams. The color is amazingly bright! It kind of matches the rigid construction - uncompromising. There's definitely nothing half-assed about the look at feel of this toy. 

The 'plug' part of the Nexus has a delightful organic shape to it, knobbly in all the right places and the stem tapers down until it's quite narrow. The big, heavy head is a good, smooth shape for massaging the prostate and is also small enough to make insertion pretty easy. 

The s-shaped t-bar poses some problems. One end is turned inward, to allow the roller-ball to nestle in the 'taint' and massage and perineum. The other end points outward, as a 'handle' for users to move the Nexus with. That unfortunately means that sitting down while wearing it is damn near impossible, as it sticks out too much. 

The size is perfect - just thick enough to be challenging, without being intimidating or difficult to insert. The insertable length is just right to reach the p-spot. 

Nexus is best as a passive toy - insert it and it multiplies the stimulation without being the focus of it. It adds a whole new dimension to sex, or receiving a blowjob, but doesn't offer that much pleasure in of itself. 

Plastic is a breeze to clean with hot soapy water, and you can use oil-based, water-based, or even silicone lube on it without concern. The plastic packaging the Nexus comes with is a great place to store it, and it small enough not to take up too much space in the toy box! 

The Nexus comes in a cool, clear plastic sleeve and features full instructions. Because there's a detachable roller-ball and a gadget to 'pop' the ball out of the Nexus, it's worth keeping the packaging to make sure you don't lose either of those essential bits. 

My wife and I tried the Nexus on me and at first I was disappointed. I didn't feel much with it inserted, despite my wife jiggling the s-shaped handle. The roller-ball did a nice job massaging my perineum (although I kept wondering - is this what a mouse mat feels like?) 

My wife tried 'fucking' me with the Nexus, but I actually found the small stem meant it was quite painful to withdraw. The rigid plastic is unyielding and if you get at it from the wrong angle, uncomfortable. 

But it wasn't until we started having sex that I REALLY came to appreciate this toy. Leaving the Nexus buried in my behind, I started fucking my wife doggy-style and there was something about my hip movements that got the Nexus working it's magic. My build up was intense and delicious. When I finally exploded, my orgasm was incredibly intense. 

So the Nexus is ideal as a sort of hard, plastic butt-plug. When in place, it heightens sensations and I felt amazing when I finally came.


I have one more Nexus product that my friend, the Good Doctor, helped me review. This is the Neo, a hard plastic prostate toy. It is firm and smooth with some bulbs and ribs and a base with two long arms that make this wonderfully safe for anal use. The Neo comes in five different colors: white, red, black, purple, and orange. We got the orange Neo to test, which was perfect because orange happens to be the Good Doctor’s favorite color. That was really more of an aesthetic bonus than anything. The Neo is 5.25 inches long with 4 of those inches being insertable. It has a 4 inch circumference and 1.25 inch diameter. One of the other prostate toys that the Good Doctor has used is the Njoy Pfun Plug which is comparable in diameter and circumference, though the Neo is a little bit longer and is made from a light material. Also, the arms of the Neo make a far better handle for manipulation than the loop of the Pfun plug. Here are the Good Doctor’s own words on his experience with the Neo: I found the Neo to be somewhat more difficult to insert than the Nexus ‘O’ despite similar diameters. I attributed this to the longer and more rigid design. It was necessary for me to lay on my side as suggested in the pamphlet in order to successfully insert it. That done, I enjoyed it’s position in relation to my prostate, as it seemed to rest in the groove underneath the head of the toy. This made small manipulations of the toy more noticeable and pleasurable than other toys that end directly on my prostate and did seem to enhance orgasm. That said, the difficulty of insertion makes me not often reach for this toy; however I am not a very avid prostate toy user and find prostate stimulation only minimally enhancing. Regardless, this is of of the most pleasurable toys of the three or so I’ve tried of similar size. So the Neo emerges the champion of the prostate toys he has tried thus far. I think the length made a big difference in his pleasure. What else is great about the Neo? It has a silver roller ball built in to the handle (though removable with a little tool that is included for cleaning) that is positioned for perineum massage. Those extra long arms make finding and maneuvering this plug as needed a cinch. It can be used with water based AND silicone based lubes since it is made of plastic. Cleaning is also easy! You can clean the Neo with warm water and anti-bacterial soap or by wiping it down with isopropyl alcohol. If you’re still searching for the right prostate toy for you, give the Neo a shot. It might just be the one to make your orgasm over the top!


I’m new to anal play and anal stimulation. I’m exactly the market that the Nexus Neo and Nexus Glide Male G-Spot Massagers are targeted for.

Why hadn’t I tried anal play before? It never really occurred to me that it’d be pleasurable, or enhance erections, or produce a more intense and longer lasting orgasm. It just didn’t come into conscious thought. These are three things that the Nexus line of g-spot toys claim to be able to help with.

First, a bit of advice for those who have never tried anal stimulation / massage before; do not try this with a partner until you know what you are doing. I tried with Tonia the first night I got the toy and it was an exercise in frustration. For about an hour and a half, part of the time I was able to relax but needed more lubricant, part of the time I felt a very intense expulsion feeling, part of the time everything just felt right but I couldn’t move the g-spot massager in anymore. This is something you should start with solo, and then move on to use with a partner. I’ve been using this for a month and I’m still “flying solo”, but have found I enjoy it.

So I started out by using the Nexus Glide. Compared to the larger Neo, the glide is a little less tall, much less thick, and has a shorter perineum massage arm. Both massagers are made out of medical grade plastic which felt very sturdy and did not bend at all to pressure; it’s a solid device. The surface of the Glide and the Neo are sort of a brushed plastic, not slick, but just rough enough to still be able to hold even with lubricant. You’ll need to use a water based lubricant with these devices.

The first thing I noticed on insertion was that the varying width of the device (wide at the top, a little thinner half an inch down, wide again about an inch and a half, then thinner again with three ridges near the base of the device) was a fantastic design decision. My being completely new meant the initial insertion was going to be a hurdle to get over no matter what, and admittedly it was. But after that I had the initial wide nub in, there was some instant relief, I didn’t have to maintain pressure for it to stay in, I could just relax and gauge how it felt.

It took a while, and a couple of personal sessions, for me to insert the Glide in all the way comfortably, but once I did I had an instant, involuntary erection. The metal ball bearing on the perineum point massage arm felt predictably cool but that seemed to enhance my awareness of it being there. It was easy to apply pressure and have the device massage both inside an out, which again seemed to trigger an even harder erection. (As I’m writing this I’m actually getting a little erection just remembering how it felt!) It took a few times, but the Glide definitely seemed to work as the company claims it would.

I’ve been able to play with the Neo a little, I find that I’m not quite ready for the added width and length yet, but it has the same design advantages that the Glide does. It feels the same, it functions the same, both of which I mean as compliments. It does have the longer perineum massage arm that ads a little more range to the massage, I was able to get it up to the base of my testicles and play a little there. I’m sure the more I work with it, the more fun it will be.

So I haven’t graduated to using this while being with a partner yet, that’s going to take some more self-training and control exercises. But when inserted, both devices stay in relatively well, and the ribbing near the base does stimulate a bit when playing, going in and coming out just a little, it’s subtle enough to not notice, but notice at the same time.

Cleaning the device was no problem at all. There are no real nooks and crannies to get anything stuck in, and there’s a tool that comes with the Neo and Glide that lets you pop out the metal ball and rinse that, and the area around the ball with no issues at all.

I have nothing but compliments for the design, I didn’t have any real issues with use that didn’t relate to me being a complete new comer to male g-spot massage and anal insertion. These devices seemed perfect for introducing me to g-spot stimulation. If you’ve never tried g-spot stimulation before, give it a try, and if you give it a try, use the Nexus Glide and Nexus Neo, they feel great and are very easy to use.



Life On the Swingset

Manufactured in the UK, the Neo is part of a line of toys created by Nexus, makers of ergonomically designed, uniquely shaped male and female g-spot & p-spot toys that are made from materials that are body safe, high quality and phthalates-free.

Neo means revival, or new form, and it’s the name of the butt toy that’s the next step up from its junior sized cousin, the Excel. The Neo has a longer length, a slightly wider girth, and is sure to “provide a more ‘fulfilling’ experience”.
Description and Materials

With an innovative shape that’s been forged with high quality materials, the Neo is non-vibrating, and is made of polypropylene - a medical grade plastic that is free of phthalates (a toxic chemical banned in many countries as an additive in many retail products, particularly children’s toys and teethers). Though the surface of the toy is smooth, there is a slight textured finish to the plastic.

With a style and shape that’s based on the Nexus Glide, the Neo comes in five colors: black, white, purple, red and orange. The shaft has an insertable length of 5.3 inches (13.5 cm), a width of 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) at its thickest point, with an angle of entry that’s unique from the rest of the Nexus line of anal/perineal pleasurizers.

There is a stainless steel ball-bearing that’s attached to the front half of the toy. It freely swivels around in its chamber and is easy to remove with the tool provided – which, by the way, can double as a hook for air-drying the stimulator.
How it Works

Here’s a simple breakdown of Nexus’ recommendations for “how it works.” The procedure is great way to induce a prostate orgasm for men (or an indirect g-spot orgasm for women), but it’s also an excellent method for anal masturbation.
Nexus Neo

Step one: relax;
Step two: using plenty of lubricant, slowly insert;
Step three: once it’s comfortably in place, do some deep breathing while relaxing and contracting your sphincter muscles until the rectum is accustomed to the toy being there;
Step four: gently swivel the toy while it’s inside you until the roller ball touches your perineum;
Step five: (now comes the fun) tilt the pelvis back and forth to allow the ball to exert pressure on the perineum - you may also want to masturbate to heighten sensation;
Step six: in order to deepen climax, when you feel like you’re about to come, ease off genital stimulation and focus on moving the Neo around “in the most pleasurable way”.

Also, check out our how-to's on Anal Masturbation & Prostate Gland Stimulation for some more great tips!
Packaging & Storage

Positioned in the market as a luxury brand toy, the packaging is simple yet stylish, modern and appealing. It’s definitely not top-of-the-line packaging, but it is eye-catching. A nice touch would have been to include a storage bag for the massager.

Users should clean the stimulator before and after every use with warm water and hypoallergenic soap. Allow the toy to air dry completely before storing; use the clip provided to pop out the marble prior to cleaning, to suspend the toy on a towel rack or hanger to dry (rather than laying it flat on a towel).

It’s male and female friendly with a shape that feels delightful in your behind. You can move it round to change the sensation, or just wear it to get accustomed to, or prepare for, anal penetration. The Neo tapers at the base, which makes it very comfortable to explore anal play, but the plastic has a rigidity that some anal players might not like. The material is compatible with all varieties of lube, so you can use the really slick stuff to ‘grease your wheels’.

There are a couple of other Nexus anal massagers that are of similar style and shape. In terms of the pecking order of length and girth, the Neo is midway between the two. However, the distance between the base of the Neo’s shaft and the perineal stimulator is the farthest apart. Additionally, because of the angle of the arm containing the rollerball, you likely find that the perineal massage that this model provides will be satisfying but subtle.

If you’re a larger fella, or you want the ball to sit right behind your testicles, then definitely get this model. If you’re a gal, go for the Glide (or Excel) instead - because there’s a fairly good chance that the distance between your anus and vagina is shorter, the Neo’s roller ball will probably end up hovering over the vaginal entrance rather than your perineum.
Nexus Neo
Long Term Appeal

The high quality material, unique additional feature of the perineal stimulator, and its ergonomic design gives the Neo a ‘thumbs-up’ for enduring long term use.

The pricing of the Neo is fairly reasonable given the superior quality, durability and unique design. The cost is also comparable to toys of similar size that are made from high quality materials.
Final Thoughts

It’s sleek, unique - and provides a skillful massage inside and out. ‘Neo makes nice’ with a 7/10.

Sex Info 101

The Nexus O
"The toy was very well packaged, and came with excellent comprehensive instructions, written in clear English which was a real bonus. My husband had always been interested in trying an anal toy, and plans to use the toy again in future. The toy met his expectations, and was a good first experiment." -

What was your first impression of the item sent to you? - the look and feel of it and your assumptions of how it was going to perform? 
It looked a very upmarket product, very smartly presented - it looked expensive. The packaging was very well designed - clear details on the back and very smart. 

My husband was excited as it was a product for him, and his first anal toy. From the look of the item and the packaging he expected it to be an enjoyable experiment 

What was the item like in action? 
It was perhaps a bit large for a first experiment, but it did seem to be well designed and worked well. 

It took a few attempts to get the positioning right, but once in the right place was very satisfying. 

Did the item make you feel sexy? 
The item is a great turn on, but isn't really designed as a toy for using prior to sex. 

It is a single person play thing, and as such doesn't really affect the mood for sex itself as they are mutually exclusive. Having a toy inserted anally is perhaps not the best thing to make you feel more sexually attractive, however it did encourage my husband to try new things. 

What reaction did the item achieve - personally to you or with other parties? 
My partner, for whom the toy was intended, enjoyed the opportunity to try a new way of reaching orgasm. Obviously, I saw the item too, but we haven't had opportunity to show or discuss it with friends. 

I thought that it looked an interesting toy, and from the description on the packaging it looked like it should be a good way for my husband to enjoy himself. 

Any other comments? 
The toy was very well packaged, and came with excellent comprehensive instructions, written in clear English which was a real bonus. 

My husband had always been interested in trying an anal toy, and plans to use the toy again in future. 

The toy met his expectations, and was a good first experiment. 

How could this item be improved? 
There are no real improvements that could be made. The item comes in great packaging, is easy to use, and very simple to keep clean. 

Would you recomend this item to a friend? 
Yes, if they were looking for a first anal toy to try. 

Do you have any hot tips for usage with this item? 
The best tip is to follow the instructions included in the packaging. They make it very easy to relax about the idea of trying an anal toy for the first time, and explain exactly which way round the item goes and how to insert it. 

Additionally, using lots of lube helps make this a more pleasant experience. 

What rating would you give this item out of 5? 

Sex Toy Testers

The Nexus O is one of the most unusual male sex toys available. Most prostate stimulators, including those from Nexus themselves are shaped as obviously insertable toys, often with contours that match the internal anatomy of a male very closely. 

The Nexus O is rather different. It’s “O” like shape, with three balls punctuating its ends and middle could be best described as abstract when related to its purpose. Yes, you’re supposed to insert one end into your ass, but it’s only when you actual put the Nexus O into action that you understand exactly how it works. 

Being an anal toy the Nexus O is meant to stimulate the prostate and perineum. Positioning is therefore very important. The O has enough length to reach your P-Spot (male G-Spot or prostate) easily, the rest of the length reaches round and presses on your perineum. 

The spreading of the O that this causes coupled with the elasticity of the medical grade silicone from which it is made means that the toy presses against your prostate. The amount of pressure depends on your position so as you move your prostate is massaged and you can control how the inserted section massages your P-Spot. 

I let Suze insert the Nexus O by getting onto all fours and waiting for the dribble of water based lube to run down between my ass cheeks. I find that in itself a very nice sensation. When she pressed the ball of the O against my hole I was expecting a little more resistance than it encountered. Other toys are shaped to give a slow, tapering lead-in to make entry easier, the O’s spherical end is more abrupt in reaching its maximum diameter. But because the O is not huge it slipped in quite easily. 

At this point it’s often the case that your ass draws a toy in until it sits in the position. But because the O doesn’t have that anatomically modelled shape you have to gently push the toy until the tip presses against your prostate. 

You can then position the external end on your perineum and adjust your position to massage your P-Spot. I let Suze have a play to begin with, gently rocking the O, making me gasp. I felt her hand grasp my cock and massage it as the blood began to fill it. 

The pressure on my prostate caused me to dribble clear precum which Suze rubbed around my sensitive glans making the experience more intense. I quickly became hard but felt myself wanting to control the experience so pushed Suze gently away to the position of spectator and sat on my haunches. 

As I settled with my butt cheeks on my heels I felt a great pressure on my P-Spot. Each change in position brought new sensations. The pressure externally, just behind my balls, the O inside me squeezing my prostate and my hand now stroking my cock. 

Suze watched expectantly, enjoying the spectacle of me wanking. 

I became engrossed in my masturbation. With my ass clenched on the Nexus O and my hand pumping with increased ferocity I could feel the precum oozing from my cock and coating my foreskin. I rolled my hips gently from side to side, increasing the intensity of the stimulation both inside and out. 

I let myself go. I felt a burning hot orgasm rip through me from the small of my back, into my groin then out across my body. Hot cum jetted from the end of my cock and fell onto my hand and across my left thigh. 

Suze was sitting cross-legged, smiling when I opened my eyes. She reached into the beside draw (brimming with sex toys as you can imagine) and said “Now it’s your turn to watch me …” 

The Nexus O is unconventional and effective. Its simple shape makes it easy to clean and it’s very easy to use, even for a relative beginner for anal stimulation. Guys you really should try an anal sex toy for use during sex or masturbation. You’ll find it adds a new dimension to your orgasms, and the Nexus O is one of the easiest and most effective prostate massagers available.

Sex Toy Testers

The Nexus O Male G-Spot Massager by Nexus Range is my very first toy. And I could not have asked for a better one. 

I wasn’t really one for anal play, at least when by myself, and sadly I didn’t get the chance to use this delightful treat with a partner. But this toy has completely altered my wants when I’m alone. 

This toy comes with directions, which were amazing. As a first time toy user it helped a lot that there were written instructions. Not that this toy really needs directions, it’s pretty self explanatory. Lube. Insert. Enjoy. 

And my Gods, do you enjoy! 

I took it slow myself, and used an abundance of water based lubricant (which is a must with this toy). 

Everything about this toy is designed to give you pleasure, even before you’re hitting the male g-spot (aka p-spot or prostate). It’s not too big or too small; it’s just right. The toy itself is a flexible u-shape, with a ball on either end and one in the middle. You lube up one end, take your time, relax, and insert. 

The first ball is the hardest part, but even then you’ve got that nice stretched feeling. The “shaft” is just big enough to let you know it’s there. The other end is perfect to move the toy around, and if you use the hand you didn’t use to lube up the toy it’s never gonna get slippery. 

You can make the end not inside you like a joystick (no joke, it’s like one of the old arcade games) and use it to move the toy around. And once you get it in the perfect spot, and believe me when I say you will know when you’re in the perfect spot, the end you’re using to move it around fits perfectly under the balls, giving an amazing amount of pressure on the perineum. 

The Nexus O is the perfect shape to hit your prostate. And the great thing is, once you get there you just fit it against the balls and tilt your hips back and forth and the toy does all the work for you. It is recommended that you pleasure yourself until you feel your orgasm building, and then stop and let the toy push you over the edge. And what a plummet! 

I can tell you honestly, it’s like I’ve never had an orgasm before. On the front of the packaging it says “Stronger, longer, and more powerful orgasms” and they’re not lying. The orgasm from this baby is unbelievable. I am normally not a verbal person when it comes to orgasm, but this thing had me yelling out my pleasure. So, beware if you have neighbors! 

I have actively tried to find something wrong with this toy, because I was under the belief that nothing is perfect. But the Nexus O has proved me wrong, I couldn’t find anything wrong with this toy, which is made from a supple, soft-to-touch, body-safe, phthalate-free, non-porous, hypo-allergenic, odorless silicone. It’s a snap to clean with mild soap and warm water (which you should do before and after each use, by the way). You have your choice of bright purple or smoky black, and I have no doubt that they both deliver outstandingly. 

The Nexus O is the perfect toy for the first time toy user, and I am sure that the pros out there are going to enjoy the ease of use, too, as well as the screaming orgasms. Take a look at the other sex toys by Nexus Range, too. 

Yours in Pleasure,
Hetaera of Naamah 

P.s. If you love the Nexus O, but are looking for something a little bigger, a little bolder, a little stronger, check out the Nexus O Max! 

P.p.s. The fun isn’t just for the men… I hear ladies can derive definite pleasure with the flexibility and innovative design of the Nexus O. It can be used for solo-play for single or double-penetration, or as a shared double-dildo between lovers. The possibilities truly are endless and vast as the imagination.

Bomshells and Rockstars

The Nexus Ridge Rider
"Expertly crafted in luxurious brushed silicone, the Nexus Ridge Rider features a slender shaft encased in soft ridges which work with the unique base to create an intense dual sensation everyone will enjoy. The silent yet powerful motor boasts 5 individual vibration settings primed to deliver strong resonances straight to the G-Spot." -

We've had great fun reviewing Nexus sex toys and when they asked if we minded reviewing their latest sex toy we said yes without hesitation. Shortly after the kind folk at Nexus (care of pleasure2me) delivered the new Nexus Ridge Rider, described as a male G-Spot massager with 5 vibration settings. 

This is what they had to say about the product: 

Expertly crafted in luxurious brushed silicone, the Nexus Ridge Rider features a slender shaft encased in soft ridges which work with the unique base to create an intense dual sensation everyone will enjoy. The silent yet powerful motor boasts 5 individual vibration settings primed to deliver strong resonances straight to the G-Spot. 

The Packaging 

The Nexus Ridge Rider comes in a sleek black box, with clear viewing windows to the front and sides. There's a sample of the "Super Soft Silicone" in the bottom right corner. The nexus logo is in shimmering silver whilst the Ridge Rider is in a turquoise colour. 

On the rear there's a summary of the vibrator, explaining what it is and what it offers. The description mentions that it is crafted from luxurious brushed silicone and has a soft ribbed shaft. It has 5 vibration settings and is both odourless and Phthalate-Free. 

Underneath the plastic trays inside that hold the Ridge Rider stable during transit you will find a comprehensive manual in English, French, German and Spanish. This guide has a comprehensive step-by-step list of instructions on how best to use the product. 

Overall, a very nicely designed box as I expected from Nexus that is both sleek and sexy, with clear windows into the product itself. This is perfect for giving as a gift. 

The Product 

The Nexus Ridge Rider follows an upside down ‘T’ shape. The shaft is ribbed and has a gentle ‘S’ shaped curve culminating with a bulbed top. The base curves and has pronounced tips at either side, with one side coated in soft nodules (I counted 27). 

Underneath the base is a power button which also controls the vibration pattern. There’s also a battery compartment which takes a single AAA battery. 

The packaging refers to the Nexus Ridge Rider as a G-Spot massager but in actual fact it has been designed for men as a P-Spot massager. That said, it lends itself perfectly to massaging the G-Spot as you will find out. 

The Review 

When the Nexus Ridge Rider arrived we took the "G-Spot massager" literally and instantly set about reviewing the toy as a vaginal G-Spot massager. Then we thought wouldn't it be great to use it as an anal P-Spot massager. That worked too. It turns out that if we had read the instructions properly we wouldn’t have felt so smug with our ingenuity! So as a male toy that could also be a unisex sex toy we thought it probably best to review it from both sides. I reviewed using the toy as a prostate massager whilst Mrs STS reviewed the Ridge Rider as a vaginal vibrator. 

Nexus Ridge Rider as a Male P-Spot Massager 

Once I had read through the supplied instructions I followed their advice exactly. It’s a simple step-by-step list that helps you to use the Ridge Rider as it was intended. Firstly everything needs to be clean, so grab yourself an anal douche and make sure you clean the massager thoroughly. 

As advised, I liberally lubed up the massager and around my anus with thick water-based lubricant. I then lay on my side in the foetal position which helps with entry. The Ridge Rider is a moderately sized anal toy and the tip is oval shaped measuring around 1.5 inches by 1 inch. As such, it requires patience, time and relaxation to slide it into your anus. The girth of the shaft changes slightly as you slide the massager in and the ribs feel really nice as they push against your anus as they slide past. 

It took me a few minutes to slide the massager fully in. After about halfway the girth reduces slightly so it makes it easier as you get towards the end. 

The next stage is patience. Nexus advised waiting 15 minutes before doing anything else to help the anus relax to accommodate the toy. This is frustrating as I lay there with fully erect penis that was crying out for some attention. In previous tests like these I have given in to temptation and orgasm within minutes of entry. However this time I would not let the excitement get the better of me. 

Around 15 minutes later the Ridge Rider felt much more comfortable. I could feel it there but it felt more normal than unusual, as it did upon entry. 

The Ridge Rider has been designed with a rocking motion in mind. The angled base means you can rock back and forth and it should cause the tip to massage your prostate gland. It took a few goes and a few different surfaces to be able to get this right. A solid floor (wood, laminate, tiles, empty bath - the Ridge Rider isn't waterproof so don't use it in a full bath), offers more pronounced feeling whilst anything padded (carpet, duvet, etc) dampens the feeling somewhat. 

I decided to try and avoid penile stimulation so turned on the vibrator and continued rocking alone. Five patterns are available: 

  1. Slow long pulses then fast short pulses in a cycle
  2. Bursts of vibration then a gap
  3. Constantly on
  4. Short bursts
  5. Three pulses then a gap

I preferred the patterns with a gap as this was more teasing. Regardless of the pattern, the vibrations are strong and as the vibrator stretches up the shaft the vibrations felt powerful inside. The ridged base that rubs the perineum during the rocking didn't receive that much in the way of vibrations but as the vibrator sites right next to the anus the vibrations travelled anyway. 

It didn't take long with the vibrator on to orgasm, even without penile stimulation. It was hard not masturbating, believe me it was, but the sensation of an orgasm gained from P-Spot massage alone is mind blowing. 

In a nutshell, it's a fantastic anal massager that definitely delivers results. I love it to bits. 

Nexus Ridge Rider as a Female G-Spot Massager 

Here's what Mrs STS had to say. 

The shape of the toy lends itself really well to being used as a G–Spot massager. It’s a soft feeling vibrator with gentle curves and a perfectly shaped head to target the G-Spot. I found that using the same technique as the boys in rocking back and forth (although hunched slightly forward) offered the best stimulation of the G-Spot. It lacked on clitoral stimulation but it doesn’t claim to have any. In fact as a boy’s toy I’d be worried if it did! Overall, this is a great toy for us girls as well as you boys. 


  • Sleek packaging, ideal for giving as a gift
  • Gorgeous soft feel silicone material
  • Available in black or purple
  • Powerful vibrations, all powered by a sensible sized AAA battery
  • Designed as a male sex toy though it really is a unisex toy that can be used vaginally or anally.
  • As an anal toy, it is filling but everything you could ask for. Strong vibrations, angled tip and nodules that massage the perineum.
  • As a vaginal toy for women it offered Mrs STS fantastic G-Spot stimulation though she craved a little more clitoral stimulation. The rear of the Ridge Rider also tickled around her anus which felt really nice too.
  • Rocking motion suggested in the manual requires patience and practice.

Sex Toy Sofa

Ridge Rider from Nexus through the paces. 

One of the biggest problems I have with Nexus stems from the very fact that they keep flogging my ass with new and better toys to test! – You think I’m joking? HELL NO! Look at this thing; big, bold and beautiful, ridges and bumps to titillate and shapes to soothe the groove, vibrations to show me heaven and soft as a mother-*blipper*! It’s not funny anymore! 

Still; here they are, out with yet another toy I can’t help but show some loving, because there’s not a whole lot of things NOT to love about the Ridge Rider. – But I guess I’m getting way ahead of myself, so let’s back up a bit. 

The sexy gang at Pleasure2Me threw this one in my direction with a: “Best toy ever“ and “you’ve been warned” bumper sticker on the package. – Always nice so you know you have to call in sick a few days… Out of the box it’s a new kind of packaging. Gone are the sleek almond shaped tubes of the past and we find a more ‘restrained’ box. – Black with a large see-through front to show the beast in all its allure, and a clever little circle in the lower right corner inlayed with a actual piece of the brushed soft silicone covering the Ridge Rider. I suppose it’s easier to package in bulk this way… It’s debatable if this versus the old style is better as a gift option, but personally, I loved the tubes… It’s still very nice though, subtle and definitely doesn’t scream ‘Sex Toy’, which is a plus for most people. Inside is a pamphlet with instructions and so forth, and an AAA battery. A single one is all it takes for this one, to hum you all the way to your personal paradise. 

The first thing you’ll notice when you get it out of the box, is how soft it is… Perfectly crafted in luxurious brushed silicone, it really is quite inciting and scrumptious to hold and touch. In detail, starting with the base, underneath the Ridge Rider is a battery compartment taking our single AAA battery. Next to this is a push button to operate the vibrator and click through the five different modes. On top of the base is the perineum cover, with lots of small firm’ish nodules decorating one end, whilst the other end is smooth. Both ends of the cover have slightly curved points to them, making sure the entire perineum area is completely covered. These ends are also slightly flexible, as is the shaft, making the Ridge Rider very comfortable to use, or even wear for prolonged play… 

The shaft itself follows the principle of all the famed Nexus designs; a sleek s-curved shaft with various bulges along the way. It’s similar in shape to the Nexus toys in the G-Play Trio set, and the G-Rider of course being it’s closets sibling. – With the main obvious difference being the ridges along the shaft. The Ridge Rider has approximately 10 cm. (4 inches) of insertable length with the widest part measuring a good 4 cm. (1.5 inches) in diameter. The Shaft is shaped with precision to follow the anal canal, and trust me, the tip WILL find your prostate, so don’t even begin worrying about that. 

The Ridge Rider is, as are all toys from Nexus, made only using materials that’s been proven and tested safe for the human body; meaning phthalates-free, latex-free, hypo-allergenic and in every aspect non-toxic. – You could eat the damn thing! – But your ass would probably cry and hate you forever, so I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s Silicone so remember; use water-based lubes and gels only. 

Now after unpacking this wonder of the world, I sprinted for the bedroom. – See, I got my priorities straight… As you probably all know by now; I love hands-free orgasms, meaning; I don’t touch the penis. – Sometimes I watch porn, sometimes not, sometimes watching my OH playing, sometimes not, – and so on… – But I try not stroking the penis at all. – For me the orgasms are just that much better, stronger and produce a bigger load that way. – But it’s different from person to person. 

So I find a pulsating rollercoaster vibration mode I like, whilst covering the toy in lube, then lean to one side and gently guide the tip of the toy inside me. – I can’t help gasping a little, as I feel each and every little ridge gliding over my sensitive nerve endings in the sphincter muscles… when it’s fully inserted I’ll then lean back, resting on my arms, feeling the toy settle in place, covering my entire perineum area and start rocking my ass back and forth and in small circles. – It doesn’t take long before the feeling of the tip and the ridges rubbing and pulsating against my prostate – and the perineum massage I’m getting from the perineum cover – will be the only sensation in my little world. And when prostate fluid starts to flow almost immediately, – I know the toy will give me a good one… With the Ridge Rider it was barely minutes. – My mind was finding it’s own heaven and my explosion came after just 4-5 minutes. 

Trust me: the Ridge Rider works! – And definitely is on par with some of my very best prostate toys. 

To clean the Ridge Rider you just wash the toy in warm water with some anti-bacterial soap, wipe it down with some rubbing alcohol, or a good sex toy cleaner, and voilá; as good as new. – Pretty easy. 

The Ridge Rider really is one hell of a new toy in the Nexus range. It’s a must buy for those who take their prostate health – not to mention their Nexus collection – seriously, but most definitely one for those that want to begin enjoying great anal sex, and for those always in search of bigger better orgasms. – Which should be every man out there! 

Once again, then it seems, am I indebted to the cool people at Pleasure2Me. – I really hate that! – Every time I swear that I’m SO going to hate the next Nexus toy they fling my way… – but so far, it seems, I’ve had to eat my words cold… Damn!

Jespers Univers

I was pleasantly surprised by the Ridge Rider by Nexus. I don’t think I have ever used a prostate toy that was bad, but some are clearly better than others. I ended up liking the Ridge Rider way more than I thought I would. The Ridge Rider is constructed of high-grade silicone that is pleasant and silky to the touch. It is of moderate size, which I enjoyed. It gave me the full feeling without taking a lot of work to insert. The Ridge Rider also has the standard “T” shape of most prostate massagers with some features missing and some new ones added.

The phallic part of the toy has the standard Nexus/prostate massager curvy shape to it. I am a fan of this shape it seems to hit all the right places for me. The shaft of the Ridge Rider is lined with, well, ridges hence the name. I couldn’t decide if I liked the ridges or not. It is both titillating and someone annoying to pop them in or out one at a time. Also, after it is inserted the ridges really serve no purpose. Since it isn’t a fucking toy the ridges spend most of their time being pretty pointless.

The base of the Rider is not the standard shape on most insert and forget prostate toys. It is missing the perineum massager ball/pokey thing. This has been replaced by a tongue shaped wedge that is covered in tiny bumps. I did not miss the perineum ball even though I thought I would, but I can’t say I really enjoyed the bumpy tongue either. The handle that is usually opposite the perineum ball is also missing replaced by another tongue wedge sans bumps. Due to this design lacking the ball and handle you are able to sit in a chair comfortably and, well, ride and rock around on the Rider. I really enjoyed this as my self pleasure times are usually spent with the company of the Internet at my desk.

The most exciting feature of the Ridge Rider is also the one I was most skeptical of. That feature is the bullet vibe in it. I have never really had much experience vibing my prostate, but always assumed it was largely pointless as pressure was more important. The Ridge Rider changed my mind. It has five different vibe setting including varying strengths and pulse patterns. I found all of them to be pretty good. The pulses which I expected to dislike were pleasantly teasing. One thing I found odd was that the vibration seemed to more intense and hit a better spot for me while I was standing which sort of negated the sitting and riding feature. I wouldn’t call this a bad thing as the vibes were still good sitting. The bullet vibe is well designed even though the button is on the base of it, meaning you sit on the button, the Rider never switched the vibe setting from me sitting on it, even when I explicitly tried to do so. My only complaint about the vibe is taking it out to clean it. That dude sure fits inside the Ridge Rider tightly. Realistically this is probably good for use as it would transmit the vibes through the toy better, but I have to mention that it take some finagling to get the vibe in and out of the toy.

All and all I found the Nexus Ridge Rider to be a very solid toy and has probably earned a spot in my rotation. I will probably get some good use out of it. While some of the features were only so-so, the vibration and ability to comfortably sit in a chair with it in are the features that really sold me on the toy.

Life on the Swingset

The Nexus Silo
"I have to say, my first impressions were something along the lines of "wow, that's big", for something designed to go in my bum it looked large, but I wasn't to be put off! Good packaging, and actually, helpful instructions about using toys which stimulate the male g-spot." -

What was your first impression of the item sent to you? - the look and feel of it and your assumptions of how it was going to perform? 
I have to say, my first impressions were something along the lines of "wow, that's big", for something designed to go in my bum it looked large, but I wasn't to be put off! 

Good packaging, and actually, helpful instructions about using toys which stimulate the male g-spot. 

What was the item like in action? 
I used the item twice before submitting this review, the first time it felt okay, it put a bit of pressure on the prostate and felt good, but it just aided masturbation. 

The second time I tried going for a "hands-free" orgasm, I failed, giving in and not showing enough patience, but it was a very pleasurable experience while it massaged my prostate as I moved my body. 

Did the item make you feel sexy? 
Very much so, although tricky to insert initially once in, the Silo causes an instant erection! 

What reaction did the item achieve - personally to you or with other parties? 
The item was a hit, from the packaging to the performance it delivered on all angles. 

Any other comments? 
I've previously used a Nexus Nero which is smaller but aims to achieve the same as the Silo. 

I think the Silo is an improvement on the Nero and I am certain I will achieve hands-free orgasms with it! 

How could this item be improved? 
There is nothing the item could improve upon if it wanted to keep the same attraction and goals - to change it would make it into a completely different thing. I would change nothing. 

Would you recommend this item to a friend? 

Do you have any hot tips for usage with this item? 
I have yet to try it in the shower or something similar, but I will do, as the base of the item doesn't protrude it's easy to use lying down either on your front or back. 

What rating would you give this item out of 5? 

Sex Toy Testers

There are not many words that I could use to describe the Nexus Silo G-Spot Plug other than…WOW! Immediately after taking it out of the package, I could already tell that this plug would make me feel full. Yes, just by holding it, the heft and power of the Silo were apparent. 

This is a very dense, silicone toy. Read: silicone. Do not use with silicone lube (it will damage the toy and will hurt you in the long run if you use a damaged toy). 

The toy is finely crafted by Nexus Range and feels exceptionally smooth. I took the liberty of closing my eyes, and in doing such, I felt the smooth head and let my mind wander as to how it would feel against my prostate. As my fingers and hand gripped the middle, I could tell it’s girth would challenge my anal muscles. And challenge it did! 

I needed to warm up. After a brief session of using one finger… alright alright, bend my arm why don’t you! I used three! Happy now? I grabbed my trusty water-based lube and applied a copious amount on the head and inner ridge. 

Inhale... exhale... inhale... exhale... and the head was in. After several breathing exercises, my muscles were relaxed enough for me to push more of the girth into me. I did say earlier that it made me feel full just by holding it... and it did, in both senses of the word! After about ten minutes of breathing, relaxing and slowly easing it in, the Silo was fully inside me. I don’t know exactly how to describe how it feels to be so full. Just imagine the visual image of a really long cork being pushed slowly down the neck of a wine bottle. Now apply that to yourself. That’s how I felt... but on a very, very pleasurable scale. 

[Editor's Note: The Nexus Silo is 100% waterproof, hypo-allergenic, phthalate-free, high-quality silicone. It has a shaft length of 3.66 inches, and clocks in with a girth of 1.69 inches.] 

Once it was fully inside, I used my anal muscles to squeeze the plug and cause it to massage my prostate. The Silo rubbed slightly against my prostate, resulting in a mixture of teasing and caressing. 

While I stroked myself to orgasm, I would squeeze harder, intentionally forcing the plug against my prostate more. 

The result was me having one long, and extremely intense orgasm. If the Tantric concept of prolonged orgasms is true, then the Nexus Silo is the sex toy of all sex toys to help you explore that notion. Afterwards, I slowly guided the toy out of me and started the clean up. As I am all out of toy cleaner, I gently washed the Silo with warm water and a mild soap. Just like that, and it was squeaky clean. 

The toy only comes in black (my fave!), but you wouldn’t miss much if it was in other colors. Although it doesn’t come with a method for storing, it’s easy to put away in a toy bin/drawer. 

[Editor's Note: I know you're toy-savvy, Lovelies, but remember to keep silicone toys away from other silicone toys when you store them. And as silicone toys are oftentimes dust-magnets, it's always a good idea to store them in their own plastic bag or container. Just make sure the Silo is thoroughly dry before sealing it and stowing it away!] 

Now with great patience, this toy can be very rewarding. Don’t rush yourself with it especially if you’re a beginner. If anything, have fun and let the toy pleasure you. This is definitely an instance where slow and steady wins the race! 

Deceptively yours,

Sex Toy Testers

Nexus Silo Review
November 7, 2011

The Nexus Silo is a very simple anal sex toy and therefore you’d think a sex toy review like this would be very easy. Well in a way it is but as with all anal sex toys like this silicone butt plug you first need to add a good quality lube, otherwise things would be far from easy.

You see despite the simplicity of this piece of soft and beautifully formed silicone it is a seriously potent male G Spot massager. The male G Spot or P Spot as I feel it’s more appropriately called is the key to some pretty intense orgasms – so long as the sex toy you are using is well designed, like this one. Shape is everything because shape determines where the plug applies pressure within your ass and Nexus know exactly where the pressure should be applied.

I tried the Silo on my own and spent a while relaxing, I could tell from the shape of this particular Nexus model that it l would be a bit of a challenge to insert. The tip of the toy slipped in easily but the bulbous main body of this butt plug took quite a while to work into place.

It was a relief when it did so because this toy is, at its widest, at the very limit of what I can take in my ass. The neck is wide too so as it was drawn in my ring was still stretched open a little. As is usual with anal sex toys I waited to let my body become accustomed to the shape and size of the Silo before continuing.

Alas waiting could not change the fact that the intensity of this surprisingly bulky plug was too much for me. I carefully removed it, with not a little regret as there’s a certain amount of excitement when I’m pushing the anal limits like this because the reward can be a mind-blowing orgasm. But I had to accept defeat.

This is a beautifully made and intensely stimulating sex toy. The moulding of the soft but firm silicone is perfect with no visible moulding lines and a lovely, almost silky finish that holds lubricant well. For a user at the high end of intermediate this would be a great sex toy but for me it’s just a little too big.

Nexus Silo, silicone butt plug, male anal toy, prostate massager.

Sex Toys Buzz

The Nexus Silo is packaged in a basic transparent plastic box. No trampy looking women or airbrushed six-packs. Thumbs up for that! One thing that I really liked about the packaging is that there is a seal across the top, guaranteeing that it has not been opened without your knowledge.

At face value, the Silo looks quite ordinary. The insert able length is slightly longer than 4″ and the width just exceeds 1.5″. While the Silo isn’t the largest anal toy I have used, it isn’t the smallest either…not by a long shot. I knew it wasn’t just going to pop right in. I wouldn’t recommend it as a first anal plug. You will have to work up to it.

Being silicone, you need to use water based lube. After applying a generous amount, I got to work getting it inserted. It went in a lot smoother than I thought. I attribute that to the smooth contoured shape, a definite plus. I did go pretty slow to avoid any discomfort and that seemed to help as well.

This plug really gives you a full feeling. The weight of it adds to the sensation. The shape lends itself well to stimulating the prostate. My orgasm was definitely heightened with it in place.

Due to the size, post orgasm, I did have a little bit of discomfort but it wasn’t unexpected. It slid out with almost no effort so it wasn’t an issue. This has been a concern with some of the other plugs of this size that I have used.

Overall, this is a very nice plug. The silicone is ultra-smooth and the quality is very apparent. If you are looking for a medium sized prostate simulator, the Silo is a good bet.



The Nexus Titus
"The amazing-looking Nexus Titus anal toy with its unique design and performance is setting the standard for prostate massagers. The Titus is the first edition of the ribbed series of the Nexus Generation." -

The amazing-looking Nexus Titus anal toy with its unique design and performance is setting the standard for prostate massagers. The Titus is the first edition of the ribbed series of the Nexus Generation. 

What was your first impression of the item sent to you? - the look and feel of it and your assumptions of how it was going to perform? 
When I opened the parcel I was actually quite excited, having quite recently reviewed the Nexus Silo and having personally owned a Nexus Glide for a while I was pleased at the idea of being able to try another of their products. The defining characteristic of the Titus is that the device has a ribbed shaft for a different feeling. 

What was the item like in action? 
From my previous experience I knew what the Nexus products were for - stimulating the male g-spot, the prostate gland. At this, they do exactly what they say on the tin, the products stimulate the prostate which in turn leads to more pleasurable and more intense orgasms. 

The Titus was actually better at this particular aspect than its counterparts, having a more curved body it was able to "hit the spot" much more effectively which in turn meant more pleasure. 

Did the item make you feel sexy? 
Very much so - all the nexus products stimulate you anally and put you in the mood for sex by working on your prostate gland and the titus was no different here, it fits very snugly and without any discomfort. 

What reaction did the item achieve - personally to you or with other parties? 
Other people commented that side-by-side the two nexus products (the Glide and the Titus) looked very similar, but in general they agreed that it looked like they would both be good at the job and not uncomfortable to use. 

Any other comments? 
I'll be using this pretty regularly now due to the fact that the shape really hits all the right places. The Titus also features a ball bearing which is designed to stimulate the perineum (area between anus and scrotum) which I personally find to be ineffective and I don't really notice it that much. 

How could this item be improved? 
The manual intervention handle is a must have as it really allows you to stimulate yourself, but at the same time it provided a bit of an awkward shape which meant that you could only really use the toy when lying on your front. (I am aware nexus make other toys which do not have the extra bit so you can sit down / lie on your back too, but in this case the handle really helps with the massaging of the prostate, so not sure if that would work in this case). After use the ridges on the shaft make removal slightly more awkward than with other devices in the same league, but I'm yet to decide if this is a real issue or not. 

Would you recomend this item to a friend? 

Do you have any hot tips for usage with this item? 
Obviously you need to use some lube to get the device in first, but I personally found lying on my front while squeezing my buttocks to be the most effective way of enjoying the sensations from the device. 

What rating would you give this item out of 5? 

Sex Toy Testers

We are becoming big fans of prostate massage and when we heard that our friends over at was going to send us the Nexus Titus we was very excited about how it would perform especially as we had such a good experience with the Nexus Glide.

Full view of the Nexus TitusThe Titus is on the smaller side of prostate massagers and is quite lightweight. The first thing we quickly noticed upon receiving the Titus was how ribbed the shaft was on the product, they are much more pronounced than we originally thought they would be. This concerned us a little as Steve doesn’t usually like textured anal toys as they always cause discomfort for him. On close inspection the ridges are very rounded which should make insertion a lot more comfortable compared to if they had edges.

The Titus feels a lot more like plastic compared to the Glide and the finish doesn’t seem as smooth also. The shaft is quite angled and bulges to it’s widest point around the centre but even at its widest it is still very slim.

Perineum Massager of the Nexus TitusThe Titus has a stainless steel ball at the base of the toy for perineum massage which can be removed by using the supplied tool for cleaning purposes. It also has a handle at the opposite end of the perineum massager which you can use to rock the Titus for extra stimulation and also for removing the toy after use.

The tip of the Titus is small and smooth and looks like a small pebble, we feel even beginners to anal play would be able to insert this part of the toy as it is so slim. The tip is angled in such a way to stimulate the prostate and thanks to it’s rigidity we felt that it would do this easily even before using.

The whole toy is rigid and the is no flexibility at all to the Titus, we have tended to have better experiences with rigid prostate toys compared to the more flexible ones barring the odd exception like the Naughty Boy so the rigidness of the Titus was welcomed.


Nexus Titus Prostate Massager BoxWe are coming to really like the packaging of Nexus products, the packaging is quite simple but really well designed with the Titus but it does the job of protecting and presenting the product inside very well. The Titus comes in a clear plastic container with information about the product at the back of the box. It does bill itself as a g-spot massager which probably make some people think it’s a female orientated product which isn’t particularly true. We would have liked the product to steer clear of the g-spot wording as it could confuse some people of the main purpose of this toy.
Care and Cleaning

As the Titus is made of Polypropylene which is a type of plastic that is hypo-allergenic and phthalate free which is very important especially for anal toys. To clean the Titus is very simple as we tend to use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner which makes up sure the toy isn’t harboring any nasties. As the Titus is ribbed however it is important to make sure the toy is completely clean and we also have to remember to remove the steel perineum massager using the supplied tool which we clean separately.

Curved tip for prostate stimulationHaving such a good experience with the Glide we were unsure if the Titus could improve upon the experiences we have had with it’s younger brother. Our main concern about the Titus was the ribbed shaft as I had never liked any texture on a anal product before so we was shocked after using some good water based lube the Titus slid smoothly without any discomfort whatsoever.

After getting used to the toy being inside, we found being lay on my side the best position for this I discovered the Titus found my prostate with ease and with every deep breath or the slightest body movement it would stimulate it very well and it really feels amazing.

The Titus stimulation of the prostate gradually gets more and more intense the longer it’s inserted due to increased heavy breathing and body movements. If we wanted to take it into overdrive we have found rocking the handle on the opposite side of the perineum massager makes the stimulation stronger due to more pressure being put on the prostate.

Whilst the Titus is inside stimulating my prostate, my penis stays rock hard dripping with pre-cum throughout even without me or Rox touching it. The toy does have a tendency to want to come out every now and again depending on the position I am in but it’s easily put back in without any discomfort and re-finds the prostate every time.

Top view of the prostate massagerOur concern of the ribs being uncomfortable has gotten smashed to pieces as they actually feel really good and is a great little extra compared to the Glide. I have not once felt any discomfort from the ribbed shaft which is a first for me as I tend to hate textured any toys. We are not sure how Nexus has managed to get me to like this ribbed shaft, it might be to do with the ribs being very rounded and close together we aren’t sure.

Similar to my experiences with the Glide the Perineum massager doesn’t do anything for me but no toy ever has so that is no fault of the product, it’s just something I don’t find pleasurable.

We found the best way to use is toy for us is putting it in at near the start of foreplay and not stimulating the penis much if at all during foreplay. Doing this has achieved dry full body orgasms that really take my breath away. We have also used the Titus whilst having sex which feels amazing as when orgasming it intensifies and lengthens them much like anal beads would do but much much better!
Overall Opinion

We were really expecting to dislike this toy due to my past experiences with textured anal toys but the Titus somehow has managed to make us rethink textured anal toys from now on. Not only has it made us rethink textured toys the Titus has claimed the number 1 spot for prostate massagers previously held by it’s younger brother the Glide.

Pros of the Nexus Titus

Ribbed shaft feels great
Slim tip for easy insertion
Hits the prostate very easily

Cons of the Nexus Titus

Can slip out during use
The perineum stimulator didn’t do anything for me

DIY Orgasms

The Nexus Vibro
"Nexus Vibro is definitely going to get its spot on my favorite shelf. It’s a great quality product that delivers as promised. I would go so far as to say; that if you ever tried prostate play and liked it, then get The Nexus Vibro. - Chances are, you just bought a friend for life!" -

“A Friend For Life!” 

The good people over at Nexus for you and me, sent over a few awesome toys for us to play with. First up is the Nexus Vibro, a male prostate massager with a twist. – Well, not so much twist as vibrations that’ll shake your ass into high heaven and above. 

You can’t help but take notice of the packaging: A sleek black – very cool – luxury box. You know; one of those you just know holds something special. Breaking the seal and pushing the inner casing out reveals it all. I’m telling you; Right then and there I started getting very exited! – As if pulling out a hidden drawer and seeing the best and most secret toy available to man(kind). 

The toy itself is nestled in foam, it’s incredibly well designed. – Leaps and bounds ahead of the Aneros products of similar’ish design I have. It’s jet-black and made by usual high quality Nexus standards. The insertable length is 4.5 inches, and at its thickest point it’s about 3.5 inches in circumference. – And this toughened, hardened medical-grade plastic encases a 2.5″ russian interstellar rocket. – I mean stainless steel bullet vibrator – thought they look about the same. Which in turn just makes you think; This is a man’s man toy! 

Being somewhat experienced with prostate massagers prior to this one, one thing that struck me when washing the toy and preparing for an afternoon play session, was the size. It’s not really a big toy. It actually felt… small. Which doesn’t have to mean anything. I have big toys that do squat and small ones that’ll rock my world and vice versa. – So size rarely has anything to do with the strength of my orgasms. But small though. – And just… sleek and smooth… It just feels great! 

Inserting the toy is no problem at all. – Even for beginners this should be comfortable. Though with a slightly tapered angled head, you need to angle it in slightly. Don’t ram it home, but coach it a bit. Which in turn lets you feel every one of the ribs as they slowly slide past the sphincter. – it’s a great feeling! But being a non-porous, phthalates-free, waterproof toy that’ll be delighted with any lubricant you might favour. You should absolutely use one! – Be it silicone or water-based. Usually we go for Hydra from Intimate Organics in this house. – A water-based organic lubricant we hope has less of all the bad stuff in it. 

The bullet is a microchip bullet, with several speeds, waves and strengths, and it’s hard not to find one that hits the spot just right for everyone. I found a wave setting that more or less fit the speed I usually contract and release the muscles in the area with; Long slow pulses. And when the vibrations then travel through the anatomically angled ribbed shaft and out to the perineum-stroking roller ball – I’m telling you; This is the perfect setting. – One that made my prostate fluids run after just a minute or so, and a wonderful strong orgasm and a rather hefty ejaculating hit after just 3-4 minutes. – Which is just about a record for a hands-free prostate play for me. 

Nexus Vibro is definitely going to get its spot on my favorite shelf. It’s a great quality product that delivers as promised. I would go so far as to say; that if you ever tried prostate play and liked it, then get The Nexus Vibro. – Chances are, you just bought a friend for life!

Jespers Univers


When I reviewed the Nexus Glide Male G-Spot Massager, one of the main criticisms is it didn't vibrate which is something I felt would finish the Nexus Glide off perfectly. Thankfully Nexus (care of pleasure2me) have also sent over the Glide's big brother, the Nexus Vibro. There are a few similarities and a few differences between the Glide and the Vibro but is it any good? There's only one way to find out! 

The Packaging 

The Nexus Vibro comes in a small but stylish black cardboard box. A picture of the Vibro takes centre stage on the front whilst on the reverse you will find plenty of instructions, hints and tips on how to get the most from your Vibro. These are certainly helpful even if you are an anal pro. 

The Product Itself 

The box slides out to reveal the Vibro, a vibrating bullet and a ball bearing removal tool, all encased in black foam. First impressions is that they Nexus Vibro is definitely a high end prostate massager. The packaging is superb and the product looks very tempting! The massager is made from medical grade polypropylene which means it is solid. It feels well built and durable. It has a ribbed texture along the shaft of the massager which also exhibits a gentle curve. A bulbed tip completes the massager at the tip. The base is similar to the Nexus Glide in that it has a handle on one side and a perineum massaging roller ball on the other. A hole can be found in the centre of the base and this is where the vibrating bullet is placed. 

The shaft length is around 11.5cm taking into account the slight curve. At its thickest point, the Nexus Vibro measures 3cm and at its narrowest measures just 2cm. This is perfect for beginners as well as those more experienced with anal sex toys. 

The Vibro is available in black, white, purple and red and my test model is the sleek looking black version. The vibrator takes a small non-rechargeable 2CR1/3N 6.0V lithium battery. A quick web search revealed that this is quite a niche battery type but can be picked up for around £2 to £4 each. That sounds like a lot but apparently this lithium battery can last up to 7 times longer than your regular batteries so it's not as bad as it first may seem. It is, however, a peculiar choice of battery. 

The choice of battery does mean that the vibrator can deliver a more powerful and longer lasting vibration than other bullet vibrators out there which then travel through the shaft and head of the Nexus Vibro. 

The Test 

Just like the Nexus Glide, I tried the Vibro out according to the instructions given on the reverse as my logic was that those would suggest the way to get the very best from the prostate massager. First the Vibro needs cleaning in hot soapy water. The roller ball needs to be removed first using the supplied tool. I then dried the toy and popped the stainless steel ball bearing back into the massager. Next I made sure the battery was in place inside the vibrator, removed the plastic tab and made sure it was screwed in correctly with the '+' terminal facing outwards. I did put it in the wrong way to begin with which caused the vibrator to vibrate in the 'off' mode. Make sure you screw the cap on securely as the last thing you want is for it to pop off half way through your fun time! The great thing about the Nexus Vibro is that it is happy to be used with water or silicone based lube so I reached for my favourite tub and applied a liberal amount around my anus and all over the shaft and head of the Vibro. I slowly inserted the Vibro letting my anus adjust to it. It may only be between 2 and 3 cm but it filled me nicely. It took a few minutes to slide the Vibro in fully and then, as advised, I left it there for ten minutes so I became more used to it there and more relaxed. 

I then switched on the vibrator and WOW is all I can say! The vibrations travelled along the entire shaft and were quite intense. I wanted to relax and let the vibrations take control but my body just wanted to tense up. It was quite easy to see I was going to cum very quickly indeed, possibly with no masturbation necessary. I thought I had nothing to lose so I focused on trying to relax. I tried to relax as the vibrations slowed and tense up as they speeded up. This turned out to be a great technique as it intensified the power of the vibrations. 

A variety of vibration patterns are pre-programmed into the vibe meaning you can change between them to find the best suited for you. Alternatively, cycle between them to trick your body! The patterns are as follows:

  • Throb (medium to fast pulses)
  • Stop and start
  • Slow to fast then stop
  • Short pulses (off to fast)
  • 3 pulse bursts (3 pulses followed by a pause)

A push button on the base of the vibrating bullet switches the vibrator on and then cycles through the patterns. I found it fun to cycle once my body had got used to the pattern, meaning it was more unpredictable than say a constant vibration all the way through. 

I was just about to give into the temptation of masturbating when I felt the familiar start of a looming orgasm. With this in mind, I held out and am so glad I did as I quickly orgasmed with the most powerful intensity I can ever remember, the vibrations continuing. It's very rare that I can orgasm without masturbation and for a prostate massager to do this, well that honestly amazed me. It just goes to show that if you relax and let it work its magic, anything is possible. 

The Nexus Vibro certainly doesn't disappoint and has given me one of the most powerful orgasms I've ever experienced. Now I want more! 

Just For Boys? 

Don't be fooled into thinking this toy is just for men. Sure the product has been designed as a prostate massager but it can also be used by women as a form of vibrating butt plug. Its ribbed shaft and bulbous head together with powerful vibrations make it fun to use with clitoral or vaginal stimulation. If you've never tried having a sex toy in both your anus and vagina, you may be missing out, especially if both of those vibrate. That's Mrs STS's opinion on the matter anyway! 

Masturbation Only? 

This prostate massager can be used during sex, especially if you can time the thrusts to the vibrations. Tense up as you orgasm and you'll have an amazing powerful orgasm like never before, which on top of having sex is magnificent! You won't know what to do with yourself! 


Who Is It For? 

The Nexus Vibro is great for both men and women who either would like to start exploring the world of anal sex toys or have been using these for years. It's targeted towards men as it's designed to massage the prostate but it can also be used as a vibrating butt plug for women too. 

The Positives

  • Perfect size for beginners and pros
  • Strong vibrations
  • Multiple vibration patterns
  • iStim compatible
  • Removable vibrator meaning you can use it like the Nexus Glide if you would prefer

The Negatives

  • A peculiar choice of battery but that's the only negative I could find!

Is It Worth Buying? 

Talking about the Nexus Vibro on its own, I'd have to say it is a good investment. It can be happily used by beginners as well as anal prostate massager experts. It's a comfortable size and width and delivers amazing vibrations to the right places. 

If I had to choose between the Nexus Glide and the Nexus Vibro, I'd opt for the Vibro as it is of a similar shape to the Glide, has a ribbed shaft, offers vibrations and can be used in the same way as the Glide if needs be.

Sex Toy Sofa

So I took the Vibro home. I’d seen this bad boy on their website when I was reviewing the other toys in their line. It’s a lot like the Nexus Neo and Glide in shape and texture, though feels distinctly higher end. The plastic is higher quality for sure and it has a hole in the bottom to slide in an included bullet vibrator. The shape of it is also quite different, while all five of the others we reviewed were different stoutnesses, they all were pretty much straight up and down. The Vibro has a distinct lean forward to poke directly into the prostate. It also is “ribbed for my pleasure” as it has a series of raised rings all down its shaft. Also, as the Neo, Glide, and Excel do, the Vibro has a ball bearing on an extension arm to press directly into your perineum, and since it’s a ball bearing, it doesn’t just press, it moves. 

I immediately approached this toy with trepidation, as I’d had so much fun with the Nexus Gyro and G-Rider, I didn’t want to sully my opinion with a…ahem…lesser toy. (My my, I have become a sex toy snob, haven’t I? [I didn't know at the time that the Vibro is actually Nexus' top of the line] ) It was also so much thinner than the Gyro and G-Rider. But I took a deep breath and gave it a try. Insertion was quite easy with a little lube on it, and it immediatly gave me different feeling than the previous toys. The forward bend and raised rings were impressively unique. That’s when I reached down and pressed the button on the back of the vibe. 

Oh my God. 

I can’t quite describe it, even. First of all, the vibrator doesn’t have a constant on setting. So from the first press of the button you’re getting one of many different rising and falling intensity settings. And I don’t know quite what it was, but the pressure on my prostate was distinct, something that I’d never felt before (except with fingers) and intense. Couple that with the rising and falling vibration and for the first time I thought I might understand how people can have prostate orgasms. I didn’t of course, I still don’t quite believe in those, but for the first time they seemed like a remote possibility. 

Moments later, I had the longest orgasm of my life. I didn’t clock it, but it just kept rolling in waves, the way I imagine my wifes are when she gushes. At least 30-45 seconds. More intense than any before as well. 

“See, the microchip...” Sasha told me when I informed her that I may have found my new favorite toybox toy. 

And that’s the thing, this microchip business doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. Is it in the bullet? In the head of the toy itself? If it’s in the head of the toy, what the hell’s powering it? If it’s in the bullet, how could it possibly know which direction the prostate is…and what the hell does Nexus! mean when they say it “tunes in” to the male G-Spot? But disreguarding all of that, they’re right about one thing…it did result in an orgasm like no other! 

So I call that a big time win. The Vibro rocks! Three cheers for “microchip technology,” and four cheers for Nexus!

Life On the Swingset

All over in the world there are people designing sex toys. Some just throw them together and hope for the best. You see unimaginative designs, shoddy build quality and a general lack of understanding of human anatomy in a lot of cheap and sometimes not so cheap toys. There seems to be a feeling amongst some manufacturers that if it vibrates and looks like a part of the human body it'll sell. 

The Nexus Vibro couldn't be further removed from that. It has been designed for a specific gender and a specific part of the male anatomy. OK, so a cock ring is aimed at us guys but it hardly requires a medical degree to work out what shape is required to fit around an erect penis now does it. 

The Nexus Vibro has been designed and built with an understanding of the male anatomy, the materials technology to implement the required stimulation and a build quality and presentation that puts most other toys we”ve seen in the market place in the shade. Don”t get me wrong here, most of the toys we”ve reviewed have been enjoyable to review and use with only minor niggles, but this is something special. 

I mentioned the materials used in its construction and here”s how it breaks down: 

The main body is a hard plastic. I was a little disappointed at this when I first unpacked the toy, imagining a more pliable material would have been used. Nexus know best of course because a softer toy would not have been as controllable, and not transmitted the vibrations from the bullet to where it matters. 

The toy has two, well I'll call then wings. One which you can clench between your buttocks to help stop the toy from turning when its inserted and a forward facing “wing” containing a chrome plated steel ball designed to press against your perineum. Without the ball bearing the toy would rub the perineum and because of the way in which it can become clamped in place by your sphincter muscles this would not be comfortable at all.

Finally the bullet itself. This is fabricated from stainless steel, acier inoxidable as the French would say, how appropriate. It appears to be turned out of a single piece of metal with a thread tapped into it. The base, containing the single push button control and the custom microchip is a single piece of stainless with an o-ring to seal the battery compartment. 

When using the toy I have opted for a silicone based lube which we've reviewed here. The reason for this being I find it to be very effective and long lasting. One thing that anal play needs is patience. It shouldn't be rushed. Also the silicone based lube is really effective, not requiring huge volumes of liquid that can be displaced passing through such a tight opening on a toy. 

We first tried with me in my usual starting position, me on all fours, such poised with toy and lube behind me. A few drops drizzled on the Nexus Vibro and a couple on my anus and she was away, gentle massaging my puckered opening with the smooth, slightly bulbous tip of the toy. I really enjoy this bit, the prelude. It's gentle and tender, exciting too feeling your opening slowly invaded by a toy under the control of another. 

The tip slid inside and gave me a satisfyingly filled feeling. It's not large but you're conscious of its presence. Nice. Suze then started to gently ease the rest of the toy in. In and then out, turning it slightly, this way and that. This was partly to find the gentlest way to insert the toy and to ensure even distribution of the lube. You do need to feel your way with this toy, it's shape is very specific and you shouldn't attempt to just ram it home.

About one third of the way in the toy approaches its largest diameter. I'd enjoyed the insertion so far, the increasing presence inside me, coupled with the very distinct ridges along the length of the insertable shaft. There seemed to be a little resistance. 

I had to ask Suze to stop because my position was wrong. I repositioned myself on my back and took over the task of sliding the toy inside by my own hand. Not only was it more easy to control when auto-inserted, but laying on my back re-oriented my internal bits and pieces, aiding the process. 

You can feel the toy drop into place, pressed against your perineum on the outside and the prostate inside. The sensation put a lump in my throat and started my cock dribbling and hardening. This was prior to switching on the Nexus Vibro's bullet vibe. 

The vibe adds another dimension to the experience. It only has three settings, but is extremely powerful, and the varying frequency and amplitude of each setting appear to be designed specifically for this toy. All are very effective, but the one I found most pleasureable was a setting which began slowly, built to a crescendo then dropped to nothing again all in the space of 3-4 seconds. It makes you very conscious of the presence of the toy and makes you feel on the verge of orgasm without pushing you over the edge. 

I experimented with moving around the toy with my buttocks. It’s obviously an acquired skill and one which is fun to master. As you move the toy it presses against your prostate like a firm finger inserted in your ass. A finger with a vibrator attached of course. 

Suze watched me try different orientations for a while. On my side, stomach and back. Legs straight, bent & eventually I found it to be most comfortable laying on my back, heels against my buttocks, knees very slightly apart. This was fortunate as it allowed Suze's ever friendly mouth to take my turgid member into her mouth and suck me to full erection. 

I lay back, indulging myself in the sensation of the Vibro up my ass and Suze sucking the tip of my cock while gently wanking me. 

I came after four or five minutes of this slow and luxurious stimulation. Suze could feel my balls tighten (she told me afterwards) and didn’t need my “Aaaaarghh!” to inform her of my imminent release. She removed her mouth but continued her slow stroke with her hand. I Came in long powerful spurts and wanted to keep ejaculating even after my balls were empty. 

The toy was squeezed tightly by the involuntary and crushing contractions of the muscles in my rectum. I was tingling so intensely with blue-edged green sparks running up and down my spine that it was perhaps a minute, when this sensation had subsided before I became aware of the multiple trails of semen adhering to my stomach and chest, beginning to dry. 

In conclusion, there are many anal toys out there, but if you're a man and want to move beyond the basic butt plug then the Nexus could be the way to go. It's strictly for men and benefits greatly from that fact. I'm looking forward to many happy hours finding out just how intense the Nexus Vibro can be!

Alex & Suze

The Nexus Revo 2
"Perfect for all types of user, from beginners right through to pros. If you've never experienced prostate massage then you don't know what you are missing out on!" - Sextoysofa
Nexus Revo 2 Review

Around this time last year I was fortunate to try out an innovative new prostate massager care of Nexus called the Revo (homework time if you've been hiding under a rock and have not heard of the Revo). This year they've launched a new superseding version which Nexus claims is better, thanks to incorporating the results of user feedback. The Nexus Revo is an innovative prostate massager which unlike other massagers features a rotating head, which has been designed to rub your prostate gland repetitively, offering unbelievable orgasms. As it's a mechanical toy you don't need to constantly rock the massager inside you like the alternatives, this does all the hard work for you.

The Revo 2 has already won awards including the Erotixxx award for Best Love Toy Deign and now they want to hear user feedback, hence why they sent one over for me to try out and offer my opinions. Here are my thoughts.

This is what they had to say about the product:

The Nexus Revo 2 is the next step in male pleasure technology, created to enable the user to reach new heights of orgasmic bliss through the power of prostate massage. Utilizing innovative mechanics, the rechargeable Revo 2 features unparalleled functionality combined with a sleek design. The Revo 2 features an independently moving head which rotates inside the body to give a deep, thorough massage straight to the prostate. A powerful vibrating external arm adds another dimension of sensation with its variable stimulation settings. The ultimate in male G- Spot satisfaction, the Nexus Revo 2 will take you to new heights of experience. The Revo 2 is fully rechargeable, with over 4 hours of play with every charge. Each toy comes with a unique charging pad and universal USB cable which allows the user to charge their Revo 2 from their PC or Mac.

The Nexus Revo 2 arrives in a smaller, more compact box but still retails all the appeal of the original packaging. It comes in a black cardboard box which is wrapped with a black cardboard sleeve. The name "Nexus Revo 2 Recharged" is printed in white on the sleeve with a shiny black version printed on the actual box itself.

The sleeve features plenty of information on the rear in several languages, with the named highlights being:

6 stimulation modes
2 head rotation speeds
Ergonomically contoured
100% silicone shaft

The lid of the cardboard box lifts off to reveal the Revo 2, nestled in a firm plastic insert and covered with a plastic film lid. Underneath the plastic tray you'll find an instruction manual, a storage pouch, an authenticity card and a USB charging lead.

In a Nutshell: Nexus Revo vs Nexus Revo 2:

Both feature a silicone shaft.
Both offer strong vibrations, though the head movement on the Nexus Revo 2 seems way more powerful and sturdy.
The original Revo offered head rotation, plus a choice of two vibrating modes. The new version offers a choice of two speeds of head rotation and two types of vibration modes.
The original required 2 AA batteries whereas this new version is rechargeable via USB.

I really liked version one though I knew there was room for improvement.

The improved motor feels a lot more powerful to me, and is much more able to perform simultaneously whilst withstanding "clenching". Perhaps the internal mechanics have changed or perhaps the nifty new rechargeable battery can deliver more power. For me this is the best new aspect about the Nexus Revo 2.

The rechargeable battery (a Li-polymer 3.7V 1500mAh battery) is recharged through a USB cable. This connects to your PC or Mac computer and it takes around four hours to deliver a full charge, offering up to two hours of play time. For convenience you could try plugging this into a USB mains plug adapter (you might have some of these for electronic devices such as Apple gadgets or an Amazon Kindle for example) as this should work with most of them.

The USB cable plugs into a dome on one end which then magnetically clips onto the Revo 2, charging through magnetism.

The vibration modes are simple. The head rotation moves at a choice of two speeds and there are a choice of two vibration modes as below:

-Slow head movement only
-Slow head movement with constant vibrations
-Slow head movement with on-off pulsing vibrations
-Fast head movement only
-Fast head movement with constant vibrations
-Fast head movement with on-off pulsing vibrations

For reference the slow speed moves at 23 rotations a minute (around one full rotation every three seconds) and the fast speed moves ar 35 rotations a minute (around one full rotation every two seconds).

The only downside is there's not a quick way to turn off the toy. Normally with one-button toys you push the button to turn the toy on and cycle through the modes. Then you push and hold the button for a few seconds to turn the toy off. Unfortunately, this approach hasn't been adopted by Nexus and so if you've climaxed to the "slow head movement only" mode, you need to cycle through the other five modes to the turn it off. It's inconvenient, but not disastrous.
How It Performs

Closeup of the Revo 2

As you can guess I'm a fan.

The head of the Revo 2 measures around 1.5 inches at the widest point (a highly specific 31.7mm according to Nexus). This means it can take a little bit of preparation and gradual insertion before you can start using the toy but it's worth it. Start by using a douche and then either enjoy playing with a gradually tapered dildo beforehand to get use to the size or start with the Revo 2 . Apply a healthy amount of water-based lube and gently insert into your anus.

It took me a while to insert it and then a few minutes to become accustomed to it in there. That's then when the fun began. Pressing the power button (raised so you can feel it rather than needing to see it - which happens to be a little tricky when inserted!) springs the rotating head into life. It feels completely different to regular prostate massagers which tend to be made out of plastic and require a movement finesse in order to deliver any form of real pleasure. This is different as it does that forf you. All you need to do is insert it and then let the Revo 2 pleasure you.

The innovative feature of this toy is its rotating head. It's very effective at what it does as it perfectly massages the prostate gland - offering a deep and thorough massage targeted straight at the prostate. The sensation of the rubbing of the toy against the gland is very pleasurable and unlike anything else I have experienced. If you've got the willpower then you really ought to focus solely on letting the Revo 2 work its magic but I couldn't resist giving a helping hand. The resulting orgasm was intense, and I could still feel my prostate gland tingle after I had remove the Revo 2.

Part of the base is a perineum massager which is covvered in raised nodules. When the vibrations start they are sent along this. When combined with the unique moving head it's tantalising great. I prefer vibration stimulation when it comes to prostate massagers and this ticks all the boxes.

The Revo 2 doesn't offer much in the way of visible changes but the extra power and vibration settings are brilliant. The innovative moving head targets the prostate gland perfectly whilst the perineum massager stimulates the penile area. If they could now invent a handjob or blowjob sex toy to parter with this (let's call it the Nexus Revo Evo!) then you'd have a legendary super sex toy on your hands. As it stands though, the Nexus Revo 2 is exactly how they explain it - the ultimate in male G- Spot satisfaction.

I'll leave you with my favourite photo which is a moody black and white depiction of the Nexus Revo 2. It looks very tempting doesn't it?

Moody photo of the Nexus Revo 2

If you need me you know where I'll be... !
Nexus Revo 2 In Action

Nexus have uploaded a video to YouTube demonstrating the unique features which I've embedded below:


Soft silicone prostate massager
Revolutionary rotating tip which feels more robust and more powerful than the previous version
Strong vibrations with a choice of speeds
Powered by a rechargeable battery that requires charging via a USB cable (either connect to your PC/Mac or you could try using a USB plug power adapter that come with most electronic gadgets at the moment
Perfect for all types of user, from beginners right through to pros. If you've never experienced prostate massage then you don't know what you are missing out on!
This toy can be used by men as well as women, though t's been designed specifically to massage the prostate gland
It's still not fully waterproof despite being enclosed and using a magnetic charger so washing up is a little more tricky
Available with a grey base and a black shaft (as reviewed) or with a black base and a grey shaft.


Nexus Revo 2 Recharged

I have a lot of plastic cards in my wallet but only one of them is a Nexus Authenticity card telling me that the toy I picked up from the Nexus stand is a genuine Nexus Revo 2. OK, so I’m not quite that anal, the card is in the box with the Nexus Revo 2.

But you know what I’m saying. Nexus are proud of their new prostate stimulator; The question is will it impress me as much as they think it will?

If you are not already aware the Nexus Revo 2 is a prostate stimulator/massager that is designed specifically to be inserted into a man’s rectum to provide deep and intense stimulation during masturbation or sex. Externally all you see is a grey ABS plastic base with a matt silicone cover over the massaging anal probe. The probe itself is shaped to match the internal anatomy of a man making this thoroughly one for the boys. Externally the silicone extends over the top of the body and forms the perineal stimulator, a series of raised bumps covering the powerful vibrator hidden inside the Nexus Revo 2.

What makes the Nexus Revo 2 different from all other vibrating prostate stimulators other than its predecessor is that it massages your prostate for you. Other similar toys depend on you moving to massage the prostate. Some vibrate and this can be very pleasant but the nearest experience you can have of the Nexus Revo 2 without buying one is to have your partner insert a lubed finger in your ass and massage your prostate.

There’s a lot going on with this anal sex toy so let me get the specification out of the way before I tell you what it’s like to use:

6 stimulation modes
2 head rotation speeds
A contoured shaft designed to lock into place and hit the male P Spot
Is made from body friendly silicone and ABS plastic
Is quiet in operation
It’s rechargeable
It’s splash proof, so just needs careful cleaning before and after use.
If you don’t want to keep it in the box you can use the handy little drawstring bag supplied for storage

The Nexus Revo 2 is as quiet as it’s possible to be with a thunderingly powerful vibrator inside, so while it’s not exactly stealthy you’ll probably not notice. One of the best things about the Revo 2 is that you can now recharge it via a USB port on your computer and any phone charger with a Micro USB adapter that delivers at least 500 milliamps (0.5 amps). Charge indication is via the LED under the power button that can be found at the front of the Revo 2 – Red means charging, green means ready to go. A full charge from flat should take about 4 hours. You plug the Micro USB lead (supplied) from your PC or charger into a magnetically coupled charging pad which then attaches to the Revo 2. This is OK, but I found the pad’s contacts can slip off if there is any torsion on the lead. The solution for now is to ensure that the lead isn’t twisted or falling over the edge of the desk when you are charging but Nexus may need to look at this, perhaps making the groove on the Revo’s body into which the charging pad nestles a little deeper on the next revision.

The six modes consist of three with slow head rotation (the bit that works the magic on your prostate) and three with fast rotation. For each rotation speed you get no vibration, continuous vibration and pulsing modes.

Cleaned and lubed I inserted the Nexus Revo 2 then waited for a few minutes to let myself get used to it inside me. This is always an important step when using prostate massagers. When in place the single control button is easily accessible under your scrotum. Easily accessible, but a little difficult to use, I think Nexus have made it necessary to give the button a very positive click to switch between modes so you don’t switch settings accidentally but I did find this a little awkward. And while I’m on the subject of the controls you have to cycle though all settings before the Revo 2 turns off. I would have preferred a button that you hold in for a few seconds to immediately stop the toy but that is my preference.

Every one of the six modes offered by the Revo 2 is intensely stimulating, in fact the strongest settings literally made me go cross-eyed! I have never experienced such intense P Spot stimulation from such a compact and self-contained sex toy. The gentle yet insistent rotation drives you towards orgasm while the vibration sends intense tingles up through your groin. An all-round tidal wave of sensory ecstasy.

I have made a few criticisms of the Revo 2, constructive ones I hope, but none of them detract from the fact that this is a quality and very effective sex toy for men.

When a company produces a genuinely new product the leaves the competition stunned it takes a pretty special design team to do that two years in a row. Personally I think that’s what Nexus have done with the Nexus Revo 2. They’ve added functionality in terms of power and functions, plus they have made the toy rechargeable without adding the complication of a separate power supply. The presentation of the toy is excellent, making it great for retailers and as a present for your lover … of for yourself ;-)


Nexus Douche
""Most douches i find look very unappealing nexus have brought anal cleaning to a new level by making this a sleek looking, easy-to-use product."" -
Created from high quality rubber and ABS plastic the Nexus Douche provides a safe and effective way to keep anal sex lovers clean and ready for exploring.

This high quality douche is simple and easy to use with a one-step insertion design making it not only highly effective offering maximum cleansing but does so while looking good, most douches i find look very unappealing nexus have brought anal cleaning to a new level by making this a sleek looking, easy-to-use product

Upon arrival simply give it an initial rinse inside and out and then you’re ready for action

For optimal cleanliness anal douching should be performed roughly 45minutes before anal play, and if at any point you experience pain while douching stop immediately and seek medical attention from you GP or hospital

To fill the douche simply remove the black nozzle and fill the bulb with tepid water you can do this either by holding it under the tap or by squeezing the bulb and immersing it in water then releasing the bulb this will creat a suction affect and draw water into the bulb itself. The nexus douche will hold 224ml of water which is a good size for a douche, another reason I find it highly impressive

To use your now water filled douche lightly lubricator both the end of the nozzle and around the anus, this is to ensure you get the most comfortable experience possible

When douching I would advise you do so either while sat on the toilet or whilst in the shower to keep the process as clean and hygienic as possible

Once comfortable inserted gently squeeze the douche to expel the water into your rectum, the firmer you are the faster the water will be dispensed so start of slowly and find what is most effective for you. Be sure not to release the pressure on your douche while it is still inserted this will cause contaminated fluid to fill the douche making it harder to sterilise for future use, once all the water inside the douche is expelled remove the douche gently and clench your rectal muscles so the water is held inside till you get the urge to expelled them naturally, repeat this process until all the expelled water runs clear

When using your nexus douche there are a few important things you need to remember

Firstly do not use anything other than clean warm water

Secondly you must be sure to NEVER use hot water while douching so make sure you test and re-test your water temp before using

Lastly douching can remove the natural lubrication of the anus so it is imperative that you use a quality lubricant such as the nexus slide before attempting any other type of penetration .

Hellkat's Little Bit of Heaven

Nexus Femme Bisous
""The Nexus Femme Bisous is simple but effective in both form and function. The almost S shaped body has a tip which dramatically curves for G-spot massage and stimulation, while the longer-than-usual clitoral stimulator has a more sleek design than the cheaper rabbit style ‘split ears’." -" - -
I received the Nexus Femme Bisous to test and review when I visited the Nexus stand at the recent eroFame adult industry expo, in Hannover Germany. This rabbit vibrator is different to all rabbit vibrators that have gone before, as it has a rotating tip instead of merely vibrating.

At the moment, the Bisous is only available in pink; however, it’s not the gaudy, neon pink which is so often seen on lower quality sex toys. Echoing the luxurious brocade pattern of the outer box, the dusky rose colour is reminiscent of LELO sex toys. In addition, the soft, velvet touch silicone of the Bisous body is comfortable to hold in your hand, and glides against your skin smoothly.

Let’s take a look at the Bisous experience from the start.

Read the full review here: