Price: £135
The Nexus iSTIM is a revolutionary stimulation system to excite your erogenous zones and increase sexual pleasure to electrifying heights! The iSTIM system uses tiny electrical currents to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings hidden in the most sensual parts of the body. The iSTIM is supplied with electrode pads and three iSTIM attachments that clip on to your Nexus toys to make them electro compatible for a whole new G-Spot experience.

*The Nexus iSTIM is compatible with the Nexus Glide, Nexus Neo, Nexus Titus, Nexus Excel and Nexus Vibro.

"This is one hot product"



High quality electro TENS unit
To deliver the perfect pulse

Reusable adhesive pads
Apply some pleasure

iSTIM kit includes:
Tens Unit
Electro pads
iSTIM attachments
Snap connector to attach iSTIM C-Ring
Safe and discreet storage case
Can be used with all electro-conductivity gels


Plug in and turn on with the Nexus iSTIM! An innovative electro-sexual unit with boundless sensual possibilities, the ISTIM is the perfect introduction to a whole new dimension on pleasure.

Using the right products with the Nexus iSTIM will really enhance your electro-sexual experience. Depending on how you use the iSTIM, we advise using the following:

To ensure optimum conductivity and safety, always spread a thin layer of specialised electrode gel on the area of skin you intend to place the adhesive electro pads attached to the iSTIM. You can also use electrode gel with the Nexus C-Ring, which plugs into the iSTIM to deliver delicious electrical impulses straight to the penis.

A good quality lubricant is essential if you intend to use the Nexus iSTIM attachments with your favourite Nexus G-spot massager as this will help aid insertion. We recommend that a water-based lubricant is used as these contain more conductive properties then silicone-based lubricants, which can actually prevent conductivity and even damage the electrode pads.

Due to the highly electrical nature of the iSTIM, please be extremely careful not to let water come into contact with the main unit or leads. If you need to clean these use a lightly dampened cloth to gently wipe over the surface – never immerse the unit or leads in water. To keep the electrode pads in a reusable condition for as long as possible (they will need replacing after several uses) simply clean off any excess gel or lubricant with a dry cloth and store separately.

The Nexus iSTIM is provided complete in a convenient carry case so that you can store the unit and its accessories safely and discreetly. Always keep the unit in a cool dark place away from water and direct sunlight.

Never use the iSTIM electro pads above the waist – electrodes placed on the chest can interfere with the electrical rhythms of the heart which could lead to a cardiac arrest. Please ensure that you use a suitable lubricant or electrode gel to prevent the possibility of skin burns. Anyone fitted with an artificial pacemaker must seek medical advice before using the Nexus iSTIM.